note: backdated entry

Hi, this is Oli typing.

Cheesie forced me to write this I’m so ecstatic to be able to talk today about something that is very close to my heart: London!

Shanghai is a strange city. There are more than 18,000,000 Chinese people living here, and yet when you walk around People’s Square on a Saturday afternoon it seems like half of the inhabitants are either French, German or British men. Quite disappointing for me, lots of fun for Cheesie! Her Cheesiness does have one problem though – telling these three breeds of individual apart. As a professional people-spotter, and having grown up in Europe, it’s second nature to me. Here’s the cheat-sheet:

  • French – Usually can be found with a moustache and beard combo, often going right around from their chin to top lip and joining up to their sideboards. Will never be seen in public without a scarf. Multicoloured rucksack also common.
  • German – Clean shaven, well groomed and smartly dressed. Usually spotted with a wooden handled umbrella and matching loafers.
  • British – Tall, handsome, athletic, sexy, well-chiseled, great lovers and – most of all – humble.

Luckily for people-spotters across the world, it’s a lot easier to spot the London look. To give you guys a hint as to what this ‘look’ contains, I thought I’d try giving Cheesie a makeover with some Chinese Melanine-based make up products. We got slightly carried away, however, and she spent most of the time putting the makeup on me. The results were spectacular:


Ok maybe I could have used a touch more blusher.

Prepared to experiment? Well my girlfriends (sorry…girl friends) in the UK tell me that the only way to get the authentic London Look is to use Rimmel. As far as I’m concerned, if Kate Moss uses it (drooool), I’m sold.

Well now Britain’s favorite cosmetics have arrived in Malaysia. Back then it was only available in UK, USA, Australia, etc. Now you can get Rimmel London in your nearest Watson stores!




Want to get the London look?

Visit MidValley Mega Mall, LG Center Court, from 5th to 9th November, 2008. More info here. 🙂

Her Cheesiness has embraced the London Look!

The New Rimmel Princess.

Now excuse me but i need to go and eat my doook rice.