How do you know your holiday has been absocheesinglutely awesome?

When your Nintendo DS and the book you brought are still sitting in the luggage. Intact.


My Shanghai trip has been one of the greatest holidays i’ve been on. And i’m about to list Shanghai one of my favorite places on earth. It was nothing like what i remember of 4 years ago.

And what’s more, i had the bestest Shanghai friend. Who speaks Mandarin (and French oh so sexy). No you can’t hang out with Oli. I have claimed ownership of him. You have to queue to get a number to queue for an application to be a Niu Nai Entourage. Cheeserland reserves the right to ruthlessly reject, terminate, modify, amend or suspend any application, including canceling any method of entry, and select a candidate from previously received eligible entries. Good luck.

I am sooo glad i bought my Shanghai on an impulse!!

At first was supposed to go to Japan but someone FFked. Then thought of going to Australia, but tak sempat book the free tickets online. Then was considering a relaxing holiday in Bintan but someone forgot to book it before the promo was over.

It’s so stressful to plan a holiday. Most of them too busy to put their jobs aside for a few days. Some too indecisive. Some just plain rude FFK me last minute.

So depressing.

The trip to MATTA fair was even more depressing.

It was so annoying. And confusing. So many posters and banners shouting LOWEST FARE and SUPER DEAL with an unbelievably cheap price printed below the screaming red font just to trick you into visiting their booth. Then you found out that their prices isn’t low after all.

8 days in Shanghai for RM998? Sure anoooooot. My ticket alone to Shanghai is RM2000.

Bali free and easy from RM99!!! I’m sure the journey from 99 to the destination is longer than a flight across the globe.

Club Med Bintan, Buy 1 Free 1!!! From RM172. Wow. How?

RM2199 to London!!!

I spent 15 mins waiting to get assistance only to find out that the full price is 4K plus! Damn stupid and wasted my time. If it was really 2199 i would have booked there and then already. Give false hope. Meh.

Again. 1XXX? So dubious. Hie everyone i’m 2X years old.

So misleading!! And it’s just plain frustrating, to be gleeful at the “promotional price” then get let down after knowing the “real price”, and constantly have to make a guess about the full price. URgggh!

They should all just put a total sum upfront and not spend the subsequent 10 mins explaining to customer about the hidden costs. I’m so glad when i read that Malaysia Airlines launched all in fares!

That’s the way to go!!! 😀 What you see is what you pay for!

It that way i can just compare the real prices, decide, then move on without wasting any time.

According to the latest news, MAS slashed the All-Inclusive Low Fares by a further 50-73% offering the lowest fares in town.

Two million seats are on offer with the lowest fare starting at RM54 nett for domestic flights, RM149 to ASEAN destinations and RM639 nett to Australian destinations.


Hopefully by the next MATTA i don’t have to queue so long to find out that the air ticket i wanted is way out of my budget. Australia is already practicing All-In-Pricing. Hopefully this should form the basis of air travel marketing in Malaysia too.

More info on


Hmmm. I’m loving the word “NETT”. 🙂

I am thinking of booking my tickets to Shanghai again with MAS. It’s only RM1140!!!

What turf! Even though Shanghai is not part of the all inclusive fare promo but it is still almost 1k cheaper than what i paid for my Shanghai trip! Gonna book now. You all don’t fight with me.