Nah your Christmas present.

(this entry blogged weeks ago)

After that girls’ day out Cindy and i had a girls’ night in. Next day was Sunday swim. Weather was good.

dellmini6 by you.

More picture later. Hehe.

The day before we were busy playing with our Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Since there’s ni wifi in her apartment, we were glad we brought our Dell there. Because it’s the first mini laptop with built-in HSPA modem!

dellmini92 by you.

Curious how it works? See you only need a Maxis 3G sim card, and you can go online anywhere, whenever you want!

dellmini94 by you.

Tthere’s a built in slot at the battery bay, where you can insert the sim card. After installing the software, then can just click and go online liao!! So super convenient.

dellmini91 by you.

Comes with a very nice pouch too. And it’s just as big as my shoe. Bear in mind i wear size 4.

dell95 by you.

Diameter 9 inches only!! Can put in my handbag still got space for a lamb and three giraffes. And weights only slightly more than 1KG. Lighter than a Bim Bo’s make up ok!

dellmini93 by you.

Compared to a normal Dell.

The whole package is only RM99 every month for 2 years, inclusive of 6 months free Maxis Broadband subscription. And the best thing is the extended service after the 6th month is only RM77 a month!

So yea the next day we brought the mini down to the pool.

dellmini3 by you.

dellmini4 by you.

Haha cute angmoh kid. Haha he is an outie so cute.

dellmini5 by you.

Cindy tey also very cute.

dellmini7 by you.

dellmini8 by you.

dellmini2 by you.

And i blogged this entry by the pool. I mean. On the grass.

dellmini1 by you.

It’s all good. Sunshine, pool, girl friend and a laptop with instant internet to surf You want that don’t you.

Ouch. The grass pokes. What turf.




PS: It’s ironic to post this today because Nara is freaking cold! Will be going to Osaka tomorrow after TK’s work (what turf can you believe that Japanese work on Christmas day this is ridiculous)!!! Merry Christmas everyone, with LOVE from Japan!!! More awesomer pictures soon, promise!