Let me tell you a story about this Korean girl called Bim Bo. She is a pretty vain girl. Pretty is an adverb here. Not adjective.

She is going to demonstrate how she can lose 8kg as instantly as within 15 minutes.

Very excited leh. Hehehe.

Ok, let’s see. She weighs 47.7kg at five feet four.

On a non PMS day.

Mind you, she is actually a very very skinny girl. But you see, an urban IT girl on the street is normally a lot heavier than her actual weight. Don’t get it?

Let’s delve into the details.

After taking off her 5 inches stilettos, she weighs at 46.9kg.


And this is how much she weighs after taking off her expensive crocodile skin handbag.


Bim then proceeds to remove her make up. And manicure. And pedicure.


And then she removes her bra padding. Thrice.


Before stripping naked.


Now see, 7kg gone up to now. Wait. This is not her minimum weight still. Bim has a way to further reduce the scale reading.

She goes to the toilet and pees.



The reading starts with the number 3! THREE! Tiga! San! San!

Never underestimate the weight of water.


Oh oh. Before the night ends, she needs a rest so she unscrews the panel on the side of her head and scoops out her pretty little pink color brain.

This is how much she weighs at the end of the day. For real.



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