I think i’m getting addicted to this. Cindy and I realized girls are much more fun to hang out with than guys (sometimes they can get a bit boring, very the yes offense).

And i just had the best Girls Day Out with a bunch of gorgeous girl bloggers.

girldayout1 by you.

Forty freaking six photos ahead.

We gathered early at The Curve, then headed over to Pavilion and started our very eventful itinerary. The first thing i said to Cindy when i saw her was, “You know what, i had a very traumatic sudden dejavu of an MDG day out.”

And she said, “I know, right?!?!? I was just thinking about it this morning!”

Once thing is for sure, it was gonna be a relaxing girly escapade, minus the tension and hostility. Well, the constant urge to look good in front of camera was there la.

Anyway. First stop was the Diamond Workshop. DIAMOND!!!

*Gasp* Oi, they want to create drama is it. Now we cannot decide who’s our best friends oredi.

Get to know Girl’s Bestfriend

girldayout2 by you.

My Diamond.

girldayout4 by you.

We were loaned a Maxis Broadband ready Dell Mini Inspiron 9 that day for live blogging.

girldayout5 by you.

HAHA. Girls and our homepage. What turf. If you read, a few girls posted an entry awhile back, and it was live in the jewelry shop.

girldayout27 by you.

All are pink what turf. (The best blogs are pink i swearrrrrr.)

(Ok i take it back. Dang Heineken.)

But it is sooo cute only 9 inches!! And with the built-in Maxis Broadband, you can go online everywhere!

girldayout28 by you.


girldayout30 by you.

Aud very the effortlessly cute i hate her.

girldayout31 by you.

Cynthia like Chinese Doll.

After that is Stage Makeover. But before that we had a short break.

girldayout29 by you.

Toilet also can camwhore one. Quite hopeless.

Be pretty@Stage

Quite wtf ok i was the only one who went without make-up and had tons of fugly no-make-up picture taken before the make-over. Reminded me of MDG lo, when we went for some make-up session, a lot of them cheat one!!! They went with make up so they can look good on video what turf.

girldayout7 by you.

Stage’s people are so thoughtful okay! First of all we received a card addressed to each blogger, and we were also given individual sets of brushes for the make-over workshop.

girldayout11 by you.

Play with colors.

Hehe this photo quite weird.

girldayout46 by you.

Aud went online while doing her make up what turf.

girldayout32 by you.

girldayout8 by you.

The professional helped me pick the right shade of foundation.

girldayout9 by you.

Then have to paint self liao.

Best selling geisha brush. Very fluffy!

And… DONE!!

Quite different hor! I think everyone was quite happy with their transformation! 😀

girldayout37 by you.

Cin. You look great can! 😀

Cynthia, we used almost the same shades.

girldayout25 by you.

Jolene with purple


girldayout36 by you.

Kim with her audacious blue eye-shadow. Oi woman, look at the cam not mirror. Vainpot. 😛

girldayout38 by you.

Ok i’m referring to myself -_-

girldayout13 by you.

All girlies, made up.

Lunch Break

girldayout47 by you.

Check blog and email. 😛

So shiok ok. Even no wifi in the restaurant also can still surf the net.

Shopping Madness@Cats Whiskers

Ok this is bad. Reeeeeeally bad. I saw three super bling tube dresses and i like all of them.

girldayout24 by you.

Gold. Bra straps are a bitch.

I PSed the bra strap away. So much better!



This bra strap too difficult to PS sorry.

Guess which color i bought!!! Faster guess!!

Kimono top. But i don’t like the fabric. very laoya.

Cheese color!! 😀

girldayout43 by you.

I bought this also -_-

girldayout40 by you.

Back to original outfit. Omg the pic quality is so bad dammit i want dslr.

girldayout39 by you.

Haha this one is not for sale. This one is Darren punya. Very cute.

Mani+Pedi@The Curve

girldayout22 by you.

Hahaha still surfing online while doing manicure. Instead of reading magazines now i can read blogs. 😛

girldayout23 by you.

I got some gold glitters.

girldayout41 by you.

That matches my RM5 super diamond key necklace from Shanghai.

Dinner@The Apartment

girldayout44 by you.

Clockwise: Cindy (french), Aud (Super Mario what turf), Me (with spider ring) and Jolene (rainbow girl)

girldayout26 by you.


It was super fun. And my heels hurt like hell.

Of course the downside is i ended up spending so much. I really, really, reeeeally should stop spending already. 

At night I went and stayed over at Cindy’s. Then went swimming the next day. And surf net by the pool. Got bikini picture!!! Stay cheesed.