TK cannot come back in time. In fact he doesn’t know when he is coming back (Japanese companies arggggghjeufdr723e836e&^@*!@ drive me crazy).

Maybe we won’t even meet on Christmas!!! This is just PERFECT! 😀

(don’t you just adore inapropriate emoticons!)

lugagge by you.

So i will have to go to airport alone. This really sucks. Like srsly. I have never been to airport alone before.

And great news!!! I just found out that i won’t be going to Tokyo after all. 😀 Wow. this year end holiday sure turned out completely different from what i expected.

They have relocated me to be hosted in Nagano. I mean, anything la, i really don’t mind, but still. I wanted to be in Tokyo or Osaka or Kyoto or Nara but now imma end up in Nagano. Just quite… whatever. And Nakamura family has got two kids. 4 and 3. God. Kids hate me (and vice versa). I can’t remember how many kids i have made cry just by walking one step closer to them. I think they can smell tulanness.




 *think positive. think happy. think =D*

So i have to “introduce Malaysian culture”! Srsly. Me? Are you kidding? I’m like the most unpatriotic person i’ve ever known. I probably can speak better Japanese than my national language. Urgh. Malaysian culture? You mean like, overflowing garbage bins by the roadside and overfriendly police officers at a roadblock?

TK loves Malaysia very very much. I have no idea why.

In the brief it says we have to bring:

1. Wang saku (di cadangkan sebanyak 30,000 Yen).

yen by you.

Right. So i took 50 (fivety. lima puluh. wu shi. go ju) pieces of Riggit note out of the ATM, and exchanged for these.

Four (empat. 4. shi. yon) . Pieces. Of. ¥. Srsly. It just feels a bit wrong to carry a grand total of 4 notes in your purse for 8 days in a country called Japan.


2. Senaskah Buku Sekolah (apa-apa tajuk).

Wa what turf. Now i am started to think it is quite a bad idea i join this junior school trip thing. 

cookbook by you.

I bought a cookbook today. Yuriko specially requested for one.


3. Poskad yang melambangkan bandar di Malaysia.



4. Senaskah majalah kegemaran peserta.

zasshi by you.

Oooh. I write one. Of course i like. 


5. Sekeping lagu-lagu kegemaran peserta.

I mean, i really don’t wanna pollute the 3 and 4 year old kids with some electronica Capsule songs. And the family is going to bring me to some Japanese primary school! So like i was frostwiring some Malay nursery, very tragic.

Srsly. i have absolutely no idea what song i should download. Err. Rasa sayang?

dannyone by you.

So i’m bringing this. Support local artist!!! Nah Danny mai gong ngo mou promote lei kao kao ah. You are gonna be famous in JAPAN!!!


6. Gambar Buah-buahan tempatan.



7. Sepansang pakaian tradisional

You mean like, i can bring my playboy bunny suit?


Ok this is bad. 

I was Googling some rambutan pictures when chatting with Oli.

Oli: hey check this out
Oli:  Following the Japanese Invasion of Malaya its occupation during World War II, popular support for independence grew.
Oli: you may want to bring that up over a bottle of sake. “hey you kamizake bastards tried to steal our country!”
Me: hahaha!
Me: Ok shut turf. not funny.



Srsly. Does anyone have Malay nursery songs? Can send me? Please?