This year’s Valentine’s. Two different countries. 7 hours flight is impossible so it’s gonna be a virtual Valentine’s. I don’t go like all sappy about it la because we don’t just go mushy mushy only on Vday. Like i said so many times before, romantic dinners and cheesy movies and roses are so overrated, and what you haven’t taken into account is long queues and traffic jam and overly packed restaurants. Not romantic at all.


So i am going to send a virtual gift to him! Shhh!

toblerone1 by you.

No it is not the yummy Toblerone per se.



ScreenShot015 by you.

The yummy premium chocolate is having a virtual gift maker contest!


Since Valentine’s is coming, they have come up with an array of gifts for everyone, and you get to package up a gift set and send it with a personalized greeting to your loved ones. Be it your friends, colleagues, siblings, parents or anyone you fancy at all!

Go to I Toblerone U and create your gift sets! You are given 50 Toblerone points to buy whichever gift you like.


I’m creating a gift set for TK.

The thing about him is hor, he is girlier than me one!!! He takes longer time than me to get ready (srsly, i swear it’s true, he takes forever to decide on what to wear before changing his mind like, a million times GRRRR >_<), and always buys female apparel. Female bags, female jeans, etc.

This coat is from Zara, S size.

scarf2 by you.

You think i bought it?



scarf by you.

He did. (for himself). What turf.


So it’s very easy! I just need to browse through the girl category to get him everything he ever needs. Well one thing good about it, we can always share clothes!

So this is what i am going to send to him:

ScreenShot023 by you.

Note that some of the items are only available after you register on the wbsite. There are hundreds to choose from! So don’t be lazy yea!


1. Purple pillows

I love to send people intimate stuff. So he can think of me everyday before he goes to sleep. Plus his room is fullllllllllll of purple. His futon set is purple. His PJ is purple, even his socks are purple. He looks like Barney at night.

toblerone2 by you.


2. A purple bangle (Lady’s)

to match his whatever purple stuff.


3. Fruity bath set

Ofuro in winter is one of the best things in the world. He will enjoy it!


4. Sunglasses (lady’s)

I think this one look like the one he broke on our date! 

toblerone3 by you.


5. Scarf

Very cold leh. Keep warm okay.


6. Toblerone

Because it’s sweet. =)

I still have 13 points but i think enough la. Dowan spoil him too much. =P

ScreenShot024 by you.

Then choose a wrapper!

ScreenShot025 by you.

And fill in personal message.


Everyone can create a maximum of 10 gift sets, but those who buy the product and key-in the unique code will also be eligible for the contest! The unique codes can be found on the scratch cards from the Toblerone chocolate packs.

toblerone4 by you.

Ha! Found ya!

Toblerone5 by you.

And you are done! All you need is to wait to win the grand prize. Hehe.

ScreenShot016 by you.

People from SG also can join!

There are also 20 consolation prizes to be won.

Not only that, participants who create the most creative gift sets & greeting will be rewarded with the gift sets they created (physically put together)!

Now THAT is something! 😀


Go to I Toblerone U to spread some love!