Today we are going to Kaiyuukan in Osaka-One of the largest aquariums in the world. 😀

aquarium1 by you.
Standard picture.

There. Millions of fishes. Some of them might be eaten alive. HELP! I hope you can save them in time! 😀

aquarium2 by you.

aquarium3 by you.

Wa this fella must be damn yummy. Especially you know, since CNY is coming. This is enough for like your entire extended family for one week. Steam fish, Teow chew style pls.

aquarium4 by you.

Omg so cute.

aquarium5 by you.

I wonder how they taste like. Roasted penguin wing. Yum.

aquarium6 by you.

Colorful fish maybe cannot eat, later kena poison. Ok la i will let Nemo off this time.

aquarium7 by you.

I dunno what these buggers are doing frozen at the glass window.

I can almost hear them say, “Take me home now! Eat me!”

aquarium8 by you.

I have never seen a stupider fish than this one.

aquarium9 by you.



aquarium10 by you.

Now this is ridiculous. This tank is my 10 years sashimi supply. Yum.

aquarium11 by you.

It probably hurts to eat this. Be careful lo.

aquarium12 by you.

Ok you just spoilt my appetite.

aquarium13 by you.

GIANT FREAKING CRAB!!!! Now tell me you feel pity for them. (“Awww poor crab, you deserved to eaten in a better way. RIP, amen”.)

aquarium14 by you.

If only Jellyfish is edible. Bloody adorable. What a waste.

aquarium15 by you.

This is gonna be my new pet.

aquarium16 by you.

I’m imagining how the texture’s like. Chewy and soft at the same time. Must be. It reminds me of the jelly fish in Seven Pound.

aquarium17 by you.

Wow. With a tinge of mushroom flavor. Anyone?


Fish is delicious. I rest my case.

Next to the aquarium is Osaka’s biggest Kanransha (ferris wheel).


aquarium19 by you.

Before we went on it, we waited to see Penguin Parade!

aquarium20 by you.

I simply love the discipline and thoughtfulness of Japanese people. The people at the front row will squat or sit down so they don’t block the people behind.

In Japan do as the Japananse do. So we waited half an hour.

aquarium22 by you.

And blarrrrdy cute penguin parade!

aquarium23 by you.

For like, 30 seconds.

Went up to the wheel!

aquarium25 by you.

About 5pm. Sunset time.


And then we went into some pet shop.

aquarium26 by you.aquarium27 by you.

aquarium28 by you.

Medium rare, please. And i prefer mint sauce.

We walked around the game center, and tried this thingie called, “you can never walk straight in there! Don’t believe? Find out yourself!”

aquarium30 by you.

And this is how it looks.

It is a bridge, it doesn’t move, but cylinder wall surrounding you is rotating, and it makes you dizzy and it is impossible to walk straight.

aquarium31 by you.

Your mind goes liddis. Very psychedelic. Hehe.

The journey was kinda too short for 600Yen, but it’s a nice experience. Minus the nausea, though.

aquarium32 by you.

Wa, got sea. I wanna catch some fish. 😀

Next up: Universal Studio Japan. Stay cheesed.

PS: Oi, watch Seven Pounds la! It’s ze awesome. I cried a lot!! Will Smith redeemed himself in this movie after two tragic disasters I Am Legend and Handcock. However it is a movie that makes you go wtfish because you only get it towards the last pound. I texted my friend half way “now it’s almost 5 pounds liao i still don’t understand a thing.” But keep watching. it is worth more than seven pounds!