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Nah. Toilet post on demand. Reader Yan said  si = choy (shit = fortune) so it should be lucky to blog about it during CNY wor. 

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There are two types of toilets in Japan. One is the Washiki (和式), traditional Japanese squat-toilet, and the other type is Youshiki (洋式)-modern toilet.

Today we will talk about the modern toilet. There are a few special features on their toilets. Some makes them one of the best things ever created for human and some are just plain bizarre.


1. Seat Warmer

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is a blessing in winter. You take off your pants and your butt immediately meets the pre-warmed seat that will just makes you go ahhhhhhh damn shiok i wish i can sit here forever. (I get that feeling every single time and srsly i literally go ahhhh but i try to not sigh in delight too loud in case it sounds wrong!) Because going to toilet can be a really tragic experience if the toilet seat is not heated (sometimes i’d rather tahan my pee than to sit on icy cold surface that freezes your butt until your pee also cannot come out).



2. Million rolls of toilet paper

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You will never ever have the “use hand or call friend to help” dilemma. 

This is a toilet in Aeon mall. The most i have seen was 10 toilet rolls in one single cubicle.



3. Sound Princess

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I’m sure some of you have heard of this already! It’s called Otohime (音姫), literally the sound princess. 

This is what i found on wiki: 

Many Japanese women are embarrassed at the thought of being heard by others during urination. To cover the sound of bodily functions, many women flushed public toilets continuously while using them, wasting a large amount of water in the process. As education campaigns did not stop this practice, a device was introduced in the 1980s that, after activation, produces the sound of flushing water without the need for actual flushing.

The thing is hor, i once tried using it out of curiousity (basically it will be activated by just a hand wave) and i felt more embarrassed than ever. The recorded flushing sound that came out from the machine sounded exactly like a recorded flushing sound that comes out from a machine. I mean, just, i mean, oh, i dunno. I’m baffled.


4. Bidet

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Also called washlet. It has a few functions. Two nozzles that squirt water to clean 1-anus and 2-vulva. It’s like a shower head, you can chose between direct squirt or a softer spray pattern. And then you can also put it on massage mode, adjust the strength and temperature. Then it has a dryer feature and a “power deodorize” feature. I didn’t have enough time to finish experimenting all of them.

The age of the high-tech toilet in Japan started in 1980. with the introduction of the Washlet G Series by TOTO, and since then the product name washlet has been used to refer to all types of Japanese high-tech toilets. As of 2002, almost half of all private homes in Japan have such a toilet, exceeding the number of households with a personal computer.

Their toilets are like handphones. Got series one. The most updated one comes with a remote control with 38 buttons.



5. Small trash bin

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I dunno why but their toilets have the smallest trash bin ever. So small it looks like it can only fit 2 sanitary pads. Those cleaners must be damn free, have to change them every so often!



6. Toilet wipes

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It’s some antiseptic wipe you use to clean the toilet seat. Some toilets also provide those sheets you place around the toilet seat (like those on an airplane) which you can flush down the toilet.


7. Auto trash bin

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They practice excessive cleanliness until they refuse to even touch the trash bin. Just place your hand over the censor and the lid will open automatically. Then you throw your trash. The lid closes automatically after 5 seconds.

On the label it says “contains deodorizing and anti-bacterial treatment”.


8. In touristy places like Disneyland and USJ where gazillion of people are queueing up to take a piss, they normally have a staff in the toilet to guide you which cubicle to go to, (“the next customer, please go this way to the left”), so you can never cut queue or cheat (queue between two cubicles grrr I Cannot Tahan List™). 


In conclusion, Japanese toilets are AWESOME. Somebody should start a cult worshipping them.

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Oh wait. Yasuo already did.