This is like a semi private entry, a food log of all the nice things i have tried during my Japan trip. Because it’s pretty boring (i post it just for my own reference. It’s nice memories), and some of the pic not too great, and way too many pictures, so i’m breaking this entry into two parts. In case everyone gets tulan while waiting for the pix to load.

japanesefood54 by you.

One day TK brought me this for breakfast and i was shocked. Yakisoba noodle in bun. Are you serious. But it was quite nice. Cuz their buns very nice one!

If you want you can click to read the rest of this post! (But if you are uber hungry or on a diet better not la. Cuz got like 60 pictures of fooooood.)


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If the Mc in one country taste good, the rest of the food in that country probably taste good too.

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Ebi burger. Their spicy chicken was super nice too!


Japanesefood3 by you.

This was in Aeon Mall. We waited quite sometime.

Japanesefood1 by you.

Tamago wrap.

Japanesefood2 by you.

Ikura is the bomb.


“Ponyo ponyo ponyo sakana no ko…”

HAHAHAHA. oops sorry.

Japanesefood4 by you.

Kai sushi. The texture was very very crunchy. Something i have never eaten before in Malaysia.

Japanesefood5 by you.

Super love the Chawan Mushi in Japan. It has like, 3 prawns inside, and lotsa other goodness, topped with ikura.

Japanesefood6 by you.

Inari Black Sesame sushi rice

We had other kinds of sushi too. Had his favorite Hamachi too i think.

Coco Ichiban Curry

Oh i love this. Taiwan got, Shanghai got. SG i dunno. Malaysia eelek.

Japanesefood10 by you.

Katsukare with horenso.

Japanesefood11 by you.

His one was mushroom sauce.

I like it because you can choose the amount of rice (200gm, 300gm, or moreee) and the level of spiciness (like nandos, but it’s weird because the spicier it is, the more expensive it is. And in order to order level 6 and above, it says that you have to have had tried level 5 first what turf.)

Omelette Rice

japanfood31 by you.

japanfood32 by you.

Katsu Curry Omelette rice

Japanesefood30 by you.

This one was i think tomato and cheese.


japanfood33 by you.

Sliced pork in Okonomiyaki sauce.


On a cold, cold day.

Japanesefood12 by you.

I forgot what this is called T_T. Apparently it is similar to Okonomiyaki but he hates Okonomiyaki so we tried this.

I ordered nama ebi.

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Japanesefood15 by you.

Some Omureto thing.


Prolly the thing we ate most in Nara. And the boyfriend can sure eat! Always ramen with fried rice and fried chicken.

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japanfood29 by you.

This one was the ramen shop with Masato. Buta Shio Ramen.

japanesefood52 by you.

I didn’t quite like the Stamina Ramen though. Too garlicky.

japanesefood53 by you.

Chahan very nice.

japanesefood57 by you.

Wa look at the bowl. Damn nostalgic! Anyway this Chuka style fried rice was oiler, but also more wok hei. Very very nice!

japanesefood58 by you.


Le Benkei

French food. I couldn’t be arsed to read the Katagana properly. So i can’t come up with very accurate description.

lebenkei1 by you.

Salmon and black caviar. The yellow thing is persimmon.

lebenkei2 by you.

Ham and Kazunoko (Herring roe). The black thing is… i think is Gobo.

lebenkei3 by you.

Fish with rosemary and Gobo and veg. The veg was so nice! And the fish was something i have never eaten before. It tasted a little strange, because the texture is almost like tofu. Super soft and… mashy. I couldn’t decide if it was good.

lebenkei4 by you.

Chicken on Gobo. I can’t remember how it tasted like. So probably not too impressive.

lebenkei5 by you.

I refuse to comment on this soup, because it spoilt the rest of the lunch. Not because it wasn’t nice. It was really good but.

lebenkei6 by you.

Prawn in herbs and scallop.

lebenkei7 by you.

The fish was really reeeeally good!

lebenkei8 by you.

Venison. I didn’t fancy it but TK said it tasted fantastic.

lebenkei9 by you.

The dessert was truly amazing. Mine was… i think, Gobo ice? wtf. I’ve had enough Gobo can? &!@^ But the choco mousse was…. argh i dunno how to describe. It’s, more than just good.

lebenkei10 by you.

He had raspberry cake and Yuzu ice. The raspberry cake was probably like the best cake i’ve eaten. I dunno la. I sound like im exaggerating everything in this post. But i really dunno how else i can emphasize the goodness of them oredi. I wonder how KY did it. But he said he never uses words like, scrumptious or, tantalizing or even like, heavenly.

I think those adjectives have been soooooo tragically abused by every Tom Dick Harry they don’t even carry any significant meaning anymore. Whenever somebody uses it i just think it sounds very commercialized and fake. Like every other food review. Sien. They just sound the same as “good”. So might as well just say, it’s good.


This was the second time we went for Yakiniku. The best shop wasn’t open so we went for this one.

Japanesefood7 by you.

Japanesefood8 by you.

Omg beef sashimi is the best best best besttttt

Japanesefood9 by you.

Ochatsuke topped with Shake. Salmon was boney though.


japanfood by you.

Cake after dinner. I remember i stayed in the kitchen for the longest time. Stupid boyfriend.

japanfood34 by you.

Ringo ame stall. I had Ichigo in white choco.

Japanesefood16 by you.

Had this in a cafe in Aeon mall. SUper kao Macha ice. Green tea ice cream it was more bitter than sweet, topped with THICK THICCCCCK green tea syrup. But the syrup also not sweet. These Japanese people really damn healthy, i like!

japanfood26 by you.

Had this in the very pink shop in Aeon mall. Called Winter Lover or something. Xmas special. Strawberry ice with strawbies and bluebies with fresh cream in a wafer ball.

And it was like…


Ok up to this point i’m really running out of adjective for the bestness of these food. I mean, the most i can go is like bestestestestuntilmyhandgetstired but! Omg i don’t care la. It’s just best.

Screw Hagaan Daz.

Yasuo’s Cooking

On the 10th January. Yasuo offered to cook for us! So 11pm at night we went grocery shopping, with Yasuo and Ka-chan. Thank god for 24 hours supermarkets in Japan.

japanfood17 by you.

Hahaha i just think 3 guys and 1 girl grocery shopping very funny. =)

Japanesefood17 by you.

Wa he is damn pro can. His specialty is Italian so we were having some risotto and pasta.

japanfood18 by you.

God i was so impressed. Seriously. I dunno how he managed to cook this stuff with just rice and butter and some, i dunnowat. But it tasted bloody awesome. I wanted to lick the plate off.

japanfood19 by you.

Ka-chan was pleased with his friend.

Next up we had tomato + prawn pasta.

japanfood20 by you.

This is by far the bestestest homecook pasta i have tried. God i swear it was better than most of the atas Italian restaurants. I started to respect Yasuo a little more. lol.

japanfood21 by you.

Baked fish with whatever sauce he improvised and salad. A bit heavy on taste but would have tasted perfect with something plain. Like, mash. Perhaps.

My Favorite Bento Shop

japanfood22 by you.

Hokka Hokka Tei. They sell all sort of Bento sets. Only takeaway. You order, sit down and wait, or you can wait in the car. They cook it, then send it over. And it’s steamy hot.

God i swear can eat this everyday! I said this was the best and he felt a little insulted cuz he brought me to so many nice restaurants! lol. Cuz it’s really reaaaaly cheap! Like 380Yen you can get a damn awesome bento set.

We tapaoed before we rushed off to his basketball practice. But then last minute i saw Mentaiko topping, but that time already walked out the door and we were late! But i was like dying for mentaiko sauce. So he let me go back just to get my mentaiko. Which was like, 80yen. Yay.

japanfood35 by you.

I had Gobo rice with beef.

japanfood36 by you.

And some tempura. They had this macha shio (green tea salt powder) which was super nice with the tempura.

And then the next day, guess what we had?!?

japanfood25 by you.

Hokka Hokka Bento!!! YAY!

japanfood23 by you.

Special Seaweed set. Guess what topping i ordered?

japanfood24 by you.


And this was when we got back from Kobe. Was late and i was gonna leave soon. So guess what we had?

Japanesefood40 by you.


Of course, with MENTAIKO topping. This time he ordered two packets. I think he also got addicted to it. lol.

japanfood37 by you.

japanfood38 by you.

Sigh. Can someone teleport/takkyubin me to Japan right now i will give you my appendix.