Who the hell created CNY? I’m so bored. T_T

All my friends are also bored to different levels of death but we cannot do anything because we are like, all in different kind of places. Some sien in KL. Some sien in JB. Some sien in Kuching. And i’m sien in Seremban.

I finished reading American Gods. Now i’m feeling very disturbed. I try to blog abit and i find myself writing like him. I try to not get angry watching some of the local crap shows. Seriously, how do these artists survive when they only sing a few tong tong chiang songs every Chinese New Year? Then i realized i cannot not get irritated. So i try not to watch them after all. 

I try to not to play my Christmas songs too loud. 

I wonder if food is all one can think of when one reaches the zenith of boredom. I try to not think about the small mountains on the table outside comprised of cans of different kinds of yummy cookies.

Tanaka San and Suzuki San grew very big.

cny2 by you.

Mom suspects they are both female because there isn’t any humping yet.

cny1 by you.

They eat everything.

cny3 by you.

T&S with Cheddie. Together they are like one big blob of fluff.

It has been the longest time i haven’t seen Cheddie. Maybe like, i dunno, two months? She went hysterical on me. She has to be next to me 24/7.

So at night she sleeps with mom in the other room as usual. I went online in my room. Before i went to sleep i used the toilet outside my room. That was when Cheddie started barking non-stop from the other room. She could smell my scent and she wanted to come to me. We just ignored her. But she continued barking for the next half an hour or so, till it sounded like whining and crying instead of barking.

She wanted to sleep with me.

So mom let her out of the room and she wiggled her way into my room (she looks exactly like a fish when she does that). And then she slept like a baby next to me, quite and peaceful.

cny4 by you.

I doubt there’s any dog in this world more manja than mine.

cny6 by you.

cny5 by you.

Really just like a human baby! She’s almost 2 years old leh!

I did some spring cleaning and i decided to sell some of my clothes off again! Most of them never worn before. But this time i’m doing something different.

Inspired by the Japanese Fukubukuro (福袋), namely Lucky Bag concept, i decided to sell several items together as a set! Bad thing is, you don’t get to choose. Good thing is, they are at a much much lower price.


ScreenShot002 by you.

Hope over to Wardrobe to have a better look!


PS: Wei! Comment a bit la! Where are you people? I don’t quite like the idea that you all seem like having fun outside and i’m typing alone at home! T.T Faster tell me you are nuturing fungus at home too!