I used to have a love-hate relationship with MAS. When i first flew MAS, it wowed me. It gave the best landing, ever, and I’m loving all the services on board. Cabin crew was very friendly (plus eye candies are an extra. I noticed MAS tend to have more male crew than the female :P), food tasted better than other airlines too.

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Just that, MAS is relatively quite expensive. Everytime i was going for a holiday, i was always in a dilemma. Go for the 5-star service, or go easy on the wallet?

In the end, i chose to forgo comfort because $ is more useful! I can bear with the backache and crap food and narrow seats if that means i get to save more $ for shopping.

But i just received good news from MAS and it really really delighted me. MAS has launched Value Fares–4 new fare options for economy class travel, giving everyone to choose whatever matches their travel needs.

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I love best deals and  MHvalues fares is just what i have been looking for. The four choices are:

1. MHlow fares

This is my favorite value fare. As i always like to plan my holidays way ahead, i get to save a lot so i can spend more on shopping! Offers up to 70% (seventy, tujuh puluh, nanaju, qi shi, chat sap!!!)discount but the ticket must be purchased online at least 21 days in advance. If you plan everything properly already, go for this option!


If you are looking for discounted fares but can only firm up your plans closer to your date of travel, this is the one to go for. It offers up to 50% discount and requires 14 days advance purchase. That means you can still join your friends last minute for their holidays two weeks before traveling and yet enjoy a half-price ticket!


Offers 75% Enrich Miles. Tickets can be bought 4 days before departure. This option is good for family shopping spree as it offers baggage allowance up to 25KG. I had to leave some of my stuff in Japan because i can’t even fit even a sesame into my luggage anymore. This value fare is also best for family holiday, or for those who can splurge a bit more because now you can go on an impromptu trip whenever you want!


Most flexible, as its name suggests. Tickets can be purchase anytime and bookings can be changed at no extra cost! Go for this if your company is paying la. Plus you get to enjoy 125% Enrich Miles. If i can afford it for sure i will or would have gone for this option,  because there were so many uncertainties and so many last minute changes to my plan due to TK’s work schedule.

More details:

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With these four options now we all can have full control over the travel experience, and choose only what we value and pay accordingly. Even with the Low Fare option, we still get to enjoy MAS’s 5 Star services!


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Comfy seats. They have new seat covers! Very colorful! 

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And good food that leaves you tummy satisfied.


I’m loving MAS more and more with the previous All-in fare policy  and this new offer. More flexibility and transparency.

Right now, all value fares are available for domestic travel. But from Feb onward there MAS value fares will be available for international flights.



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😀 😀 😀

Oh my god i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait!!!!


For those who are planning to fly anytime soon, i have a super good news for you all. MAS has just launched a no fuel surcharge for their domestic flight, which means even cheaper flights for traveling around the country. Flying is a bliss now, especially for a compulsive traveler like me.

Now, go to www.malaysiaairlines.com to plan your next holiday! I’m already planning mine. 🙂

Still my favorite airline.

MAS is constantly giving us really sweet surprises– from ‘the all inclusive low fares  to UK and Europe’, to MATF. Too many cheap fares, too little time to travel!  Guess I will be constantly be checking out  www.malaysiaairlines.com from now on for more great deals!

PS: Check out MATF (MATF stands for Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair. The fair is once a year and it features the best fares for the year to domestic and international destinations)! From 10 – 19 February 2009 – 10 days only. One way to Tokyo or Osaka is only RM1060! You can book online, or call your travel agents. Full fare listing can be found here.