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I wonder how would she look all covered up!! Cannot imagine it!

I’m feeling very ambivalent towards Rihanna to be honest. Some of her songs i like reallllly a lot and some i hate with a passion. Especially when they get overplayed to the max. They get stuck in your head like UHU. And you will be like, okay i think i have had enough of her songs that’s gonna last me for maybe 8209137 life times. So annoying until you refuse to turn on the radio just because she is simply omnipresent and you just wanna go please stop the music please stop the music music music

Then hor, you go to the club and they start playing Umbrella. And you go all crazy about it. So strange.

I can’t believe how prevalent her songs are. Now we call that thing we use to protect ourselves against the rain ella ella e. I think Yee Hou started it.

But if you give me her concert tickets i will be very happy to go!!!! 😀

I have two songs which are rated 4 star in my iTune, and they are “Take A Bow” (haven’t got sick of it because i stopped listening to radios and i think this song is really good) and “Hate that i love you” (did i say i love mushy songs?).

War in Gaza or not, Rihanna is still coming to town!

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Rihanna Live In Kuala Lumpur 2009
Date: Fri 13 Feb
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, Selangor, Malaysia
Tickets: RM128, RM158, RM198, RM288, RM328 


If your Ang Pow money not enough to buy, here’s how you can win free tickets:

First you have to be a member of U.O.X.

Then you type REGFREETIX and send to 28881. And then, Upon receiving a confirmation via SMS, reload a minimum of RM10 for a chance to win.

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Also, download Rihanna’s songs for only 99sen each!

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It’s been raining a lot lately. When you go for the concert, remember to bring along your ella ella e.