(the multiple aaa is to show that it feels really shiok)

So i promised to pamper myself regularly.

Especially after so much traveling. Everytime after i travel i sure get sick one. I have this post-travel complex. Bad skin, bad health, bad mood (cuz too many things to do, and i go bonkers when i have more than one thing that need my immediate attention).

So today i’m having a Garnier home spa!

homespa0 by you.


Jim Brickman Ballads
One Fifth Avenue 


I was thinking of aroma therapy also but the Garnier mask smells quite good so don’t waste ma.

First let’s switch on the ever so soothing ballad.

homespa7 by you.

Then start with Garnier PureA scrub wash.

homespa1 by you.

Comes with  Eucalyptus leaf extract, and notice the tiny blue beads for exfoliation and removing impurities. Gently rub them on face, massage especially on T zone, then rinse.

After cleansing it is the mask time!

homespa2 by you.

Garnier Pure self-heating sauna mask.

Comes with cucumber extract and smells really good! The thick light blue liquid slowly turns warm in your palm.

homespa3 by you.

Apply it on your face!

homespa4 by you.

As i have combination skin, i only apply it on my oily T-zone and avoided my sensitive cheeks.

homespa6 by you.

Wooo i can feel it heating up on my skin! I think it makes a good winter mask! 😀

homespa5 by you.

And then you can rest for awhile and do whatever you want. I went into One Fifth Avenue (love the book). And waited for 3 minutes. Ok since i’m such a slow reader i only managed to read like, 2 pages.


Then rinse face thoroughly!


homespa8 by you.

Skin feels tighter and completely shine-free (but got a natural radiant glow. There’s a difference!)

My therapy was a CD’s length. But the face treatment was so simple and time-effective! I had like 7 more songs to go, so i decided to give myself a manicure and light make-over.

homespa12 by you.

That’s my vainity cubicle.


homespa10b by you.

New nails.

homespa9 by you.

Gorgeous nails + good skin.


Now i can go out to see people liao (without cap and giant shades).

homespa11 by you.