garnier by you.

Wa you really think I will show you. Not a chance.

This is taken in Japan. For the first time I discovered the usefulness of fringe—It can conver up a very badly volcanoed forehead. (Then again I think because I have really oily hair, it contributes to my thus oily forehead, and little volcanoes on my forehead. Then you proceed to cover it with more fringe, which aggreviates more rupture on the surface. Gross.)

My skin became terribly dry when I went to Japan. I had to slab moisturizer every few hours just so my face doesn’t wither and become a raisin. Lips dry, and knees and toes itchy (I dunno why!!!!! I thought it was the Umeshu but apparently it is itchy until today!).

So I had to put on more make up to cover up the flaws. Because we were going to nice places to eat nice food and meet nice people and take nice pictures! And I need to have a nice face to go with all the nice things! But the make up actually flakes off because the skin is so dry. This is like the worst beauty disaster in the world.

So when I came back to Malaysia, ha-ha, guess what? It became worse. And oily.

Now I have one enormous pimple on the left brow, a few smaller ones on the nose. And more on the forehead what turf.

So i either:

garnier3 by you.

Go undercover (distracting caps and giant shades are my current besties) or

garnier00 by you.

feign a severe sickness and refuse to see anyone

garnier4 by you.

Play anonymous. (because no amount of make-up can hide the chan-ness of the long sleepless holiday. Plus my skin needs to breathe.)


I think it’s karma for laughing at Jolin’s Ugly Face. T_T


ARrrgh i need to take good care of my face!

A salon treatment or two would do really good now but hardly go out and i’m really lazy to go out plus i don’t really wanna go out (people can see my ugly face) so i’m thinking of some home remedy. Something i can do while catching a DVD or preparing a blog post or reading a book. Plus i really hate those chinese-pop-songs-turn-music-box melody in those beauty salons!! You know which type?! And those facial sessions are so long until they have to repeat the whole CD like 2 or 3 times arrrrgh tragic.

So i thought i would just go for a relaxing home spa. No need to call a taxi to go out to spend 2 hours in a salon listening to Guang Liang’s Tong Hua music box.

Check out the ingredient:

garnier2 by you.

First i would use Garnier anti-imperfection scrub wash that helps regulate sebum and tightens pores. It says that the exfloliating particles of natural origin will also help removing blackheads and impurities.

And then followed by a pack of Garnier Synergie Pure Sauna Mask. Sounds hot.

I am going to use them now. Brb.

*prepares own music box melody*