Well, the good news is, while typing this, i don’t feel so emo anymore! Went shopping with Cin yesterday, Rebecca Bloomwood style and it helped! ๐Ÿ˜€

purple by you.

We pakai baju purple. Everytime so ngam one.

I’m like crazy purple lately. 4 months ago i had zero purple stuff. Because i thought purple looks atrocious on me. Like a red polka dress on Steve Tyler. Plus a shiny tiara. But i dunno what’s with this sudden purple craze. I think it started with a pair of purple Alexander McQueen imitation pumps from Shanghai. Then i started feeling compelled to have matching purple accessories. So as a result i bought a purple belt, a purple dress, a purple scarf, a purple tote, a purple purse and a purple… no la the purple JoRin wig is photoshopped one. ย And if i wear/carry all these purchases all at once, i will need to date Barney to look normal.

Ok why are we talking about Barney what turf. Anyway, yea so i am feeling superb! (for now.) So i dowan potong steam blog about emo things lo.ย But since everyone contributed to my little survey so it’s only fair i give my answers too! It’s really long though, and it’s in convo form. I think the coming 25th birthday was making me panicky a bit. I dunno why! Quarter life crisis what turf!!! It feels like i’m too old for celebration. T_T

ย Because it is very long so i hide it. Click to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

I dunno but i find it super easy to cry! I can cry as often as everyday but i am not feeling particularly sad or anything. Just feel like it. Like a prenatal craving, no reason one. And you just have to do it. Sometimes the cry “kick” is not quite there, it is like having blue balls, very tragic one, so i’ll even listen to my cry music and force a cry. And that makes me wonder if i need a mental check-up.

But after reading through all your comments, i feel so human! HA! Looks like some people even cry more than me. And i really really appreciate all your feedback. Now i save money for mental check-up. Anyway, i had this convo last week. Which provoked me to ask the two questions.


i was wondering,ย how often do normal people cry.
hmmm, i dont think normal ppl cry. like, unless something happens.
well, once per month?
time of the month?
yeah itโ€™s probably clustered around then.
i just wanna know like, whats the average.
i would say 1 per 2months. or maybe 6 weeks. if sheโ€™s weepy.
so like, if its more than that,chances are she is depressive
chances are, she keeps doing things to make herself sad
well. maybe nothing happens. she didnt do anything. she just feel the tears
youโ€™re not depressive
i didnt say she was me
she was me.
so yea. you are not. i just think you have a lot of stuff going on in ur head/heart/body, that manifests itself like that.
i dont think i have a lot of stuff going on, and i think, im living better than iโ€™ve ever been. so it can mean
1. i live happily now, since now is the best
2. i lived terribly compared to now
3. i have no fond memory whatsoever towards the past
first statement is not true. because i still cry every now and then. maybe every too often
i might wanna conduct this research online
โ€œhow often do you cry?โ€
do it.
i have overactive tear ducts. i will tell u something but this one confirm u will laugh one
i used to cry looking at the ceiling fan because. i think it must be very tired.
ok i smiled
lol nice
maybe u just need a hug
i dunno! after getting the hug, i would still feel the same. i mean yes i will better and all that but.
its like, u have migraine, then u take pain killer, but u still get migraine
a problem shared etc. when u know someone shares
then i cry more
well, i cant even offer you a hug to test it. i can only offer an electronic ear

haha whats ur happiest time in ur life? when i asked this question to anyone, their answers very typical
1. college
2. highschool
hmmm. i have lived a very happy life, so…
ok rephrase question.
which point of your life would u wanna go back to, say, a particular year or a few years, when u do things the same. this is not the if u can change one thing question, no. , just like, reminisce the moments all over again.
ok. i would go to France, 2001. was a good time
ok, you see, for me, it is so tragic because, i wont want such a chance
i dont want it
i would want more of now, because now is relatively good
no,i think youโ€™re like, well, you said bla bla when go back to…i didnt realise we had a choice of not going back. im excited about this year. kind of
really? but i mean, u are given the choice yes? so even if u are given it, u wont use it? it will expire like, in 3 days.
itโ€™s a weird question. like
because itโ€™s impossible. so why fret about it? just spend time browsing air ticket for deals
u are not acknowledging my theory!!!!!!!!!11111
i dunno what to say. i feel bad if you dont wanna like, redo a year
u dunno what to say because im right!!!
welll. i dunno about your whole life except what you tell me
women so hard to please right?
if you tell me that, haha
they want to be proven wrong sometimes.
and i’m like, 25. highschool was nightmare. college was crap. graduation was rubbish, work life was pathetic
aiya dont start this about quarter life crisis
lol. u had crisis also?
of course. everyone does. itโ€™s a rights of passage. i think mine was at 23
reli? i think mine was at
so many years we knew each other. and didnt know each other. funny huh
hehe. i deserve a break from life


Now i feel better d. Maybe i want to blog about my purple eye-make up. :/