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anglia4 by you.

This is Shinjuku station. From here, i changed trains and headed towards Nagano. Although i didn’t get to stop and have a look at the dangerous hangout, i knew something happened. Something more bizzare and violent and savage than the Osaka Hentai Old Men incident.

And it is called Shinjuku Incident.

Shinjuku-Incident- by you.

Blood! Yakuza! Underground!! Betrayal! Mama-san! Drugs! Guns!! PACHINKO! So dangerously Japanese, i like!

And Daniel Wu is one of the main cast!!!! As if that’s not enough, he is coming to Malaysia!!! With Jackie Chan!!! Ok i wouldn’t have put so many exclaimation marks after Jackie Chan but DANIEL WU!!! As if that is still not enough, I AM GOING TO MEET HIM AND LET HIM PLANT A BIG KISS ON MY CHEEK! (Lips cannot, the boyfriend won’t aprrove) AND WE ARE GOING TO…

No la.

I mean, i MIGHT, get to meet him in person because i’m such an awesome online game expert!!! (Remember Desktop Tower Defense?)

What am i talking about?

Check out Anglia Website. Just play a game and win:

  • 10x Grand Prize – 5x premiere tickets & 2x up close and personal passes to meet the cast
  • 50x Consolation Prize – 2 movie passes to watch Shinjuku Incident each.

It’s very simple one! You just need to outrun the Yakuza at some dodgy street in Shinjuku, dodging some items they throw your way and avoid obstacles on the way. Easy cheesy.

anglia1 by you.

I’m such a pro awesome runner.

anglia2 by you.

Sometimes you get whacked but it is okay. I am still awesome.

anglia3 by you.


My highest score is 2050! Try outrunning me muahhaha!!! I ask Daniel Wu to kiss you instead!

Ok la, even if you really suck, you still have a chance to meet him at the Meet-The-Fan session on 31 March 2009, 7pm, at Bukit Bintang Entrance (Pavilion KL) . But you have to fight shoulder-to shoulder with thousands other sweaty people to catch a glimpse of Daniel’s forehead la. So, better be a game expert still, that’s my advice. Hehe.

ylrita081112048 by you.


This amazing opportunity (to be kissed by Daniel Wu) is brought to me you all by Anglia The Real Shandy (Would the real slim Shandy please stand up?)

Anglia Shandy used to be the number one coolest drink when i was younger, because you were only allowed like one or two cans during family reunion, after your parents had won a couple of hundreds in chor dai dee and were in a good mood. But while they were chor-ing the dai dee, we always sneaked into the fridge and stole a couple of more cans and got all red-faced. You could taste the rebeliousness in it. Hmm. Like a bad kid trying to escape from the Yakuza indeed.

And they have a new flavor, and guess what!! RINGO flavor!

anglia5 by you.

This refreshing beer is injected with zesty green apple! I think luck is in my way. Daniel Wu is going to plant not one, but two (ok, make it three) kisses on my cheek.

anglia6 by you.

And as if God has sanctioned this sacred mission specially to me, the movie screening is on MY BIRTHDAY, 2nd April.

It’s a sign. Can’t run away from it (although i just did, from the Yakuza.)