Here’s more of the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom i blogged about! 

DKNY1 by you.

And i just found a way to do the fish eye effect simply with a bottle of Fresh Blossom (or any other Be Delicious series).

DKNY3 by you.

I like the effect!

DKNY2 by you.

Wa like a snowglobe!! Can see the refection of my whole room so cool! (Yes i’m aware of the bad manicure). This fresh blossom scent is really growing on me, and i’m really in love with the cute, pink, multipurpose bottle. :P

The fragrance debuts with a limited edition shower gel infused with the Fresh Blossom scent. Fresh Blossom will be available in an Eau de Parfum 100ml RM290, Eau de Parfum 50ml RM215 and Fresh Blossom Shower Gel will also be available in 150ml RM110.

Was invited to the DKNY Fresh Blossom Celebrity Flower Arrangement Competition in conjunction with Mother’s Day event in Mid Valley and i went with Vene.

DKNY001 by you.

The setting was like a beautiful pink garden, and it was really amazing how we weren’t told of any dress code, but everyone coincidentally turned up in flowery pink!

DKNY4 by you.

With Jojo.

rindanelllee by you.

With Danell.

DKNY004 by you.

Treated ourselves to pink cupcake goodness and fruit tea.

DKNY003 by you.

Plenty of apples!

I knew there was a flower arrangement competition by the celebrities in conjunction with Mother’s Day, i was just there to meet and tumpang glamour. When the competition flagged off, i was ready to snap some pictures when the organizer went like “hey… still dowan to go grab your flowers!” Then only i know we were participating as well O.o

So in rush of excitement and kancheongness we went to pick our flowers and basket.

DKNY6 by you.

We have never done any flower arrangement before so it was all see how it goes and make do and impromptu and maybe peeking a little left and right from time to time. Hehe.

DKNY5 by you.

We use plenty of pink and white roses.

DKNY9 by you.

If we add green apples we get bonus points. ^^

As compared to other contestant’s grand and elegant bouquet in a vase, ours was a small garden basket, like a ballerina’s flower basket.

DKNY7 by you.

Haha i dunno what’s so funny, but the process was so fun!

DKNY8 by you.


End product.

from-Rin-Tan-&-Iyvene by you.


Who said we need to attend flower arrangement courses one!!! Come i teach you!!!

We were asked to give it a theme. Since Vene and I are often mistaken as sisters, we decided to called it 妈生姊妹 (It’s a Mother’s Day pun. geddit, geddit?!?!) And so coincidentally we wore white and pink flowery that day! So…

DKNY10 by you.

DKNY11 by you.

We didn’t win the contest, because obviously other people are more pro at it, but everybody said this bouquet feels so us! We think so too! ^^



Winner–DKNY Hamper worth RM1,300

Danell-Lee-&-mum_2 by you.

Danell Lee and mom. So sweet, impossible not to win the judges’ heart!


1st runner up–DKNY Hamper worth RM1,100

Zizan-Nin-&-Airies-Yasmini by you.

Both elegant in pink, Zizan Nin and Airies Yasmin.


2nd runner up—DKNY Hamper worth RM800

DKNY01 by you.

Yasmin Hani and Tony Eusoff. Waaa i love this picture so much! Pure bliss and happiness!


Other contestants:


Xandria-Ooi-&-mum by you.
Xandria Ooi and Susan Ooi (her mom cum manager).
Jojo-and-her-flowers by you.
Jojo Struys. Got logo summore, so creative!
Jeff-Ooi-(OneFM-DJ)-&-Mum_1 by you.
One FM’s DJ Jeff Ooi and mom.

And of course, ahem.

Iyvene-&-Rin-Tan by you.

Group photo:

Group-photos by you.

We also received a consolation gift for making the effort! Yay.

It was a very very fun day, love the whole lovely theme and that flower arrangement isn’t as hard as i thought! Hehe.