Everyone who goes to Taipei should at least visit a modern toilet and eat their shit once. I promise it is good shit.

toiletrestaurant13 by you.

Toilet or restaurant? 

It could be a little bit of a confusing experience at first. But once you get used to the idea of eating shit, you would be totally enjoying the act of devouring the gastronomical excretion delight.

We already had our lunch but when we passed by this Mordern Toilet, we couldn’t help but feel an urgent urge to let ourselves go and try some shit.

toiletrestaurant2 by you.

Once you go inside, you get even more confused. It is so cute.

toiletrestaurant1 by you.

The level of morbidity is no where up to my standard and i could only do the kawaii peace pose.

toiletrestaurant3 by you.


toiletrestaurant5 by you.

You see colorful tiles, tubs with a glass cover as table and acrylic toilet bowls with different colorful designs on the lids.

toiletrestaurant4 by you.

I chose a Golden Bowl. Bling bling. Hmmm. Comfy. Makes me wanna poo poo already.


And then we ordered some shit. There’s a shit menu for you to choose from.

I just realized in this picture my finger has got no fingernail. :/

Shit Menu is incredible. It even describes to you the shape and texture and condition of the shit.

1. Signature Constipated dry shit. (Choc ice-cream + choc topping)

2. Hemorrhoid bloody shit. (Strawberry ice-cream + Strawberry topping)

5. Mushy Mushy Diarrhea (Vanilla ice-cream + passionfruit topping)

7. Dysentery Green Baby Crap. (Vanilla ice-cream + kiwi topping)


I am really loving these shits man. However, there’s a minimum order of NT100 per person. So even though we were really full, we ordered Curry Diarrhea and Toilet Bowl No.9.

toiletrestaurant6 by you.

Our steamy hot diarrhea. Looks absolutely edible.

toiletrestaurant7 by you.

It comes with a swirly shit cover.

toiletrestaurant9 by you.

We gobbled the crap down. I must say it tasted very good.

And then the toilet thing came. And we couldn’t believe our eyes.

toiletrestaurant8 by you.

Crap. This is huge shit. It’s feast for 5 man. And only NT100!!! (About RM10). I think it is too cheap.

toiletrestaurant11 by you.

*Sniff sniff*

We tried, man. I swear. We dug and dug and dug and forced the shit down our throats (don’t get me wrong, the shit was yummy), but it’s a neverending shit. Ice cream started to melt and love letter went soft and cookie soggy (by the way we spotted some hard little stubborn poopies–turned out to be raisins).

And then we gave up.

toiletrestaurant12 by you.

We are done with this shit.

Just went we were about to wipe our asses and go, the waiter came and said,

“Would you like me to serve your dessert now?”



Got more shit?

toiletrestaurant10 by you.

Apparently, this comes with the Curry Diarrhea set lunch.


“No thanks, you can have the shit to yourself,” i said.


toiletrestaurant14 by you.

It was an experience full of shit, not unpleasant. Drop by this crap restaurant and give it a try! Very cheap and yummy shit. Absolutely worth it.

Website is: http://www.moderntoilet.com.tw