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There’s this Standout With Tiger & Nuffnang Party, and in order to join this party, you will have to write about how you stand out in life. 

I wanna go to this party because i wanna win a Pink Coach Bag (Pink!!!), and that means i’ll have to write about how outstanding i am. Which is gonna be a bit buey pai seh la.

I would think that i’m more outlandish than i am outstanding. Then again outlandishness can actually make you stand out. Throughout these 6 years people have kept asking what’s with me and my eccentric obsession with cheese, and a weird name (that changes from time to time. I managed to drop G and i am officially Rin now. Thanks) and there’s a long long long story behind it, which makes me cringe and (ever so slightly) proud, at the same time.

So back then in 2003, everybody had a Friendster account. And there are like a million fakesters out there, with like a million people wanting to add and befriend you (atrocious english: hi can i friend wif you), i decided to do something… weird.

I created a cult.

And i forced people to make the effort before adding me (which, if i show you now, would look rather lame, i must admit, but it is just like Silent of the Lamb and Twelve Monkeys and Sleepless in Seattle kinda stuff, it looks like crap now because their idea was used and recycle about 600 million times by now, but if you watch it X years ago, it was the tear-inducing, intellectually stimulating and life changing classic shit. I would like to think that my Friendster profile 6 years ago was a classic shit).

Ok this is how it goes (do not laugh. i know you will one, but i don’t care).


About Me: 

14033106151932l by you.


My religion is Ringoism, and I worship Cheesus Crust. 

For those who wonder WTC (what the cheese) Ringoism is about:

RINGOISM is a religion dedicated to all cheesaholics and those who are cheeseable. In order to be accepted to the community, firstly you have to convert to Ringoism and become a qualified Ringoist. To join our community, please follow these instructions. 

First of all, practice the obsession with cheese, the patience of not being easily cheesed- off, as well as being cheesy every now and then. And then, u will go through a series of tests to prove your worthiness of being a ringoist, conducted by our Ringoism Guru. In addition, you must also prove your obedience and faith to her royal Ringoness from time to time. 

The benefits of this religion are as follows: 

1) You will obtain a resistance of getting fat by constantly consuming cheese, you will also reduce the risk of obesity by being cheesy all the time. 

2) You will obtain a set of imaginary cheeslizing tools that will help you to overcome the habit of cursing. For example, instead of swearing offensive words like @#%-off, *&%@-you, you have now new vocabulary like CHEESE- OFF, CHEESE-YOU to use. 

3) Whats more, our imaginary cheesilizing tool is free of charge! And no membership card is needed. 

4) Upon diligent practice of Ringoism, you might have the chance of achieving the Cheesy- enlightenment, which enables you to rule the Cheesilization era.

·         Who I Want to Meet: 

Humans/aliens/morons/malteses/shadows/sadakos/gods who are cheesable!

If you think you have what it cheeses, send in an application to tell us how cheesable you are. For the uncheesables, try harder next time! My sincere cheesepology for not being able to add you.

Cheese you very much.

The Lord of The Ringoism
***== I came, I saw, I cheesed ==***




Ok. I know right.

(But it was so very very fun!!! Ching and i had the most ROFL time scanning through the applications.)

Well!! I admit i was just trying to be different from 10 millions other boring profiles. And i had expected people to leave me messages calling me an insane woman who has lost her mind, but people were amused, and they actually made the effort to send in an application.

So, it sounds really really cheesy now, but my insanity has made me what i am today (urgh, cheesy, puke), and this cheesiness has brought me tons of precious friends.

Although i’m not as cheesable as 6 years before (like how your whatever ****ability decreases with age, face it, it’s a fact), it will remain my outlandish identity forever. It’s not like one day i announce on my blog and say, Hi Everybody, tomorrow my blog will be changed to Cabbagerland.com, because i have decided to practice stoicism and adopt a zen vegan lifestyle, thank you.

So yea.  That’s my story. 


Back to the party!


Party’s detail:

Date of Event : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

Anyway, if you think you are a standout in life, let’s join the party! As simple as just writing a blog post about how standoutable you are, and win these amazing prizes!

ScreenShot012 by you.

Also, on the party day itself, there are prizes for the real Standouts! 

ScreenShot013 by you.

Also, if you embed the following image (optional) into your blog post, youy might be chosen as one of the 5 random bloggers to be given a Nintendo DS Lite each just for being lucky!

standout-image by you.

For more info go to this page.


Now, what should i go as to the party?

Maybe… a rotten cheese (to stink and cheese you all off). I dunno. It’s a surprise. 😉