I know i haven’t been updating as often and please forgive me! I have been really busy… or lazy, i can’t decide which is it. Because i’m actually quite free, but busy at the same time. If you get what i mean la. Which i think you don’t. So I mean, these are what i have been busy doing when i’m indeed quite free:

1. Discovered Desktop Tower Defense Pro Multiplayer and have been addicted since. I play so much i can be the Chief of National Defense. (to jaga our PM’s desktop maybe.) Who wants to join me? At Casualcollective! I kept losing though. Although i try to plagiarize my opponents’ best defense system. But i kept losing! What’s the trick??! I play Starland Tower Defense on Kongregate too. Drop me a comment if you wanna have a challenge now. I will create a game and wait for you!

2. Getting depressed due to failure of finding a good, funny book to read. I developed this bad habit of buying several books in a row (3 for 2 from Borders, don’t do it. You sure will regret one!) (I don’t mean one, like, one,1, satu, ichi. I mean you will regret all three.) and realizing that they are crap but have to force myself to read them because i have already spent money on them, and then buying more books in a row because the crap books i force myself to read are so crap it depresses me.

arrgh2 by you.

Trading Up and Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell, which are really crap. I bought them because i thought One Fifth Avenue was rather good.

arrgh3 by you.

A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian by…. *looks at picture above*, by this, Marina Leweycka. I can’t even remember her name.  No la it is not Sejarah!! My friend thought i was reading documentary HAHAHAH. It is some award winning comic fiction, it says “extremely funny” on the cover but it was quite crap. I wonder what happened to these people’s sense of humor.

arrgh9 by you.

When We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. Another supposedly “painfully funny” comic fiction. Comedy Debut of the year. Pui. “Terrific”, says Nick Hornby. What happened to you Nick!!! On page 60 and then i gave up.

arrgh4 by you.

And then i read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It talks about listening to your heart and communicating with sand and wind and sun. Well, go to hell.

arrgh8 by you.

Man and Boy by Tony Parsons is soooooooo overrated.

arrgh5 by you.

Now reading How to be Single by Liz Tuccillo. On page 174 now but so far so crap. I dunno why she bothered writing.

arrgh6 by you.

And i still have The memory Keeper’s Daughter’s by Kim Edwards. Bestseller whatever but it’s not my kind of book. Actually i don’t plan to read it. Bought it because it came with two other books (3 in 1 bundle), which turned out to be crap too.

arrgh7 by you.

My fav collection. Ever.

And i am now depressed because i finished reading all Nick Hornby’s and he was the only decent comic writer.


Why can’t everyone write like him!!!! If you know any books with good dark humor please let me know! I’m bored.


3. Cooking crap food.

arrgh1 by you.

I don’t mean the, Modern Toilet Restaurant kind of crap food. But i cooked like, miso soup with seaweed and tofu, which tasted really crap, which i think was not entirely my fault but the miso’s. I cooked Mentaiko Ebi fried egg and Chicken fillet with Yakiniku sauce and Tarako kakegohan. yesterday i had egg and black sesame rice with Tako Shiokara topping. I know you don’t quite know what they are, but it is okay because you don’t need to know because they are quite crap.

4. Planning my holiyear. OH GOD planning a holiday is soooooo hard!!! Am going to bali next week but that’s settled. Am traveling to UK in June. Will fly to Edinburgh on the 9th of June with Vene and it is very hard with tight budget! B&B are still quite expensive and i have considered couchsurfing. Anyone in UK who can help me out i will thank you a million!!! With… with Cheddie’s fur!

5. Cleaning house. Decided that i have got better things to do than that.

6. Blogging and then delete and then blogging again and then delete and then and i typed Arrrrrrgh.




7. Oh ya oh ya. And then i watched Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp what turf and Christina Ricci has got enormous bosom at the age of 19. Always love Tim Buton but half way watching i really got sleepy. So then i watched Sleepless in Seattle to, you know, neutralize the effect. Hate it, by the way. I hate every single movie Oli recommended except Juno. The movie still makes me sleepy. So to add to the dramatic effect i watched Insomnia. It was awesome. And it was a perfect end to my sleeplessly sleepy night.