*Rebecca Bloomwood mode on. Again.*

I am gonna miss Harrod’s sales because i’m back in Malaysia!!!

Went to Selfridges and was crazy. People queue 30 minutes just to get in a tiny Miu Miu shop (Miu Miu and Gucci seem to be the most popular in London. Why ah?). But the stuff are cheap!!!

Oh ya, you guys should go to Bicester when you visit Oxfordshire. Lotsa factory outlet there and quite cheap! I bought some Loccataine stuff for a cheap price!!

No wonder nobody shop for branded stuff in Malaysia. Because it’s soo cheap everywhere else! Today i’m gonna introduce to you a better option—private branded sales for exclusive members only—ALL ONLINE!

selfridgesales5 by you.

No traffic jam, no lack of parking, no queue, great bargain, and best of all, no need to fight with each other to lay your hand on that gorgeous bag!!!

Introducing now: Reebonz.com

ScreenShot038 by you.

Reebonz.com is a Singapore based website that offers an exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales. Events are held for short periods of time and are open to members only.You can find brands such as Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Alldressedup at discounts of between 30 to 80% off retail price.

ScreenShot039 by you.

I really liked the Miu Miu bags, but when i shopped in London they didn’t have sales. T_T

Now, why is the stuff in Reebonz so cheap? Are they reallu authentic goods? Or are they second hand pretending to be new? Ha. I won’t buy second hand stuff. Ew. Reason why it is so cheap is because Reebonz works with brand partners directly or authorized local distributors, and most of the merchandize is past season inventory and thus sold at really attractive discounted prices.

selfridgesales4 by you.

(Sorry i recycled the photos. But they are awesome!!!)

Better still, you actually earn money when you shop! (Omg i sound super like Rebecca Bloomwood now) Because, you earn SGD 10 in Reebonz Credit whenever a friend you invited places their first order as a new member. As more of your friends join and place their first order, your “My Credit” balance goes up and up and up.

Of course, like all the atas exclusive sales, not everyone can enter as they like, unless you are somebody. Or somebody who knows somebody. That is what makes exclusive private sales so exclusive and private.

The good news is, you can become a member as long as you know somebody. And membership is free. So the better new is, you know Cheeserland!!

I am inviting all of you to join this great club. Here’s the invitation code link for all of you to register as members, just click:

Nah, a preview of the upcoming sales:

reebonz-upcoming-events-(1) by you.

Once ended, it is gone for good.

ScreenShot037 by you.

Aiks i just missed their Miu Miu and Coah sales (Free shipping summore). T_T

Faster go shop now!!!! Reebonz.com

Ok i gtg bye. Need to break the ice block in the fridge to retreive my credit card.