I dunno. I really love them but i think i shopped too much. And the good thing is you can always sell them, right.

ness001 by you.

ness01 by you.


ness02 by you.

Colorful tartan hat.

ness7 by you.

Bought them during my trip in Edinburgh and i have only used them a few times, still very new!!

If you are interested to bid for these items, go to Cheesie’s Wardrobe. I’m starting it at a low price too.

Ok irrelevant photo time. Just playing with photoshop.

artistic2 by you.

In our little apartment in Edinburgh

artistic4 by you.

Another one

artistic3 by you.

Outside the apartment.

artistic5 by you.

This was Selfridges sales day!

artistic6 by you.

Before meeting Carolyn.

Fashion in Japan is driving me crazy. I learnt so many things. I really think everyone who loves fashion should at least go to Japan once when they are still young to dress up kao kao.

If you like my Ness bag + hat to have a look here ok.