Things i found in Don Quijote, my favorite store in Japan. It’s a great discount store and it opens till 3am in the morning.

jesusbody by you.

Cheesus Crust. It’s some diet pill that will make you slim.

jesus-body by you.

But i don’t understand why any girl would want to look like Jesus. I scared i grow hair and become bushy. Perhaps if you take enough pills, you would obtain the almighty Jesus powers and turn dust into loose diamonds that you have always really longed for (always pleasure to have the real thing!). But the discovery is a secret to be kept from others. Shhh.

visiblenipple by you.

Nipple Pheromone. Or so it read. It’s the latest nipple tape. Nipple tape is the new nipple tape. (Now that’s confusing. When i say nipple tape now–what turf is it?)

The only entry related to Nipple Pheromone on google is this:

Using ovariectomized New Zealand white rabbits and the nipple-search behavior of pups as a bioassay, we evaluated the capacity of prolactin to stimulate the emission of an odor signal that allows newborn pups to locate the mother’s nipples and suckle.

Oh i see. So like, it’s to attract other people to suck on it one la.

(Who turf needs that? Seriously?)