My lurve affair with Japan might have ended, but i am trying to distract myself with something fun and engaging. So i am now very busy to build up my Lurve O’ Meter, a facebook application by Lurve Multigrain chips.

And it makes me feel good to share, spread and sprinkle some lurve to everyone. To get my thoughts out. My goal is to be one of the Most Lurve’d People (and win myself RM5,000 cash).

ScreenShot058 by you.

Just Install this LURVE application in to your own Facebook profile, and play kao kao with it during the contest period of 6th July-28th August 2009 to accumulate as much Lurve O’ Meter points to win cash!!!

There are 4 games you can play, and each time you play you get certain points.

1. Discover Lurve

ScreenShot054 by you.

Is a Lurve personality test.

My result:

ScreenShot055 by you.

Haha ya meh. Quite true la (paiseh). Sounds very bimbotically me (ish).

2. Sprinkle Lurve

Where you pick a photo, sprinkle it with some Lurve bits. You get 5pts for creating a pimped photo and 2pts whenever you share it with a friend.

ScreenShot038 by you.

“Mommy, can i has cheeseburger?”

ScreenShot063 by you.

This is a Purikura (sticker machine) picture. Haha you know you decorate it with a pen afterwards, but here i glam it up with some Lurve party elements!

3. Spread Lurve

ScreenShot064 by you.

I very generous ok! Unfortunately i can only send my Lurve to 12 people a day. i will keep doing it everyday!

4. Share Lurve

This is my favorite! 10pts whenever you submit a story.

ScreenShot062 by you.

You can vote for your favorite Lurve story and each time your story gets a rating, you earn 1pt. So if you like you can vote for me!

Here are the prizes:

Grand Prize: RM5,000 CASH
2nd Prize (x2): RM2,000 CASH
3rd Prize (x8): RM500 CASH

Now go make some lurve on Facebook!