FML1 by you.




Today i cried because i screwed up the chicken mom brought for me. I dunno. I just pan fried it with yakiniku sauce and even pandai pandai sprinkled some rosemary onto it. And it tasted atrocious. Screw Kenko Diet Plum. The best diet is to eat my cooking everyday.

And then i realized how useless i am. I can’t even cook a bloody chicken thigh (yea still got some blood coming out). ย I disposed the body and washed the dishes while crying.

Things i brought back.

FML2 by you.

Japanese curry (amaguchi), Japanese curry (chukara), Japanese curry (karaguchi), Beef Hayashi and Delhi curry.

FML3 by you.

Mentaiko and tarako and mentaiko and mentaiko and tarako and tarako and tarako.

What the hell am i gonna do with these things!!! They are just making me bloody sad. I don’t wanna eat mentaiko pasta alone, you know?!?! (No you can’t come and eat with me. Doesn’t work like that.)

Ok i eat curry alone.

FML4 by you.

Cheapest instant curry from Topvalu. 77 yen (RM3). Just heat it up and pour it over rice. Or next to rice. Not gonna be bothered about technicality.

FML5 by you.

The most delicious crap-looking stuff i have ever eaten.

Looks like my life too.





He’s flying 7 hours here to see me tomorrow. I couldn’t even convince him not to. I reckoned it is fair, though, since i did just that 2 weeks ago. But i really don’t know what to make of it.