I’m really looking forward to the most exciting party of the year. It is a global celebration for something iconic, inspirational and well-loved since 250 years ago, and it is happening right here in Kuala Lumpur!

i have been thinking how i should dress up for the day. Dress code is Black Party Chic. Think classy, festive and gorgeous. Think black and bronze. And i’m getting all excited with the preparation that I’m here to share some of my make-up, hair do and fashion tips.

That’s the first look. Bronze eye make-up with a hair-bow and gold earrings. And a Warehouse sequinned skirt worn as a tube dress.

Second look is very Japanese street inspired. Smokey eyes and pink cheeks. I re-do my hair (just tied it up in a bun) and you could try to bling it up with all kinds of accessories. Sparkly hair pins, little tiaras, or even a pearl necklace.

Last one. Demure with red lips and a messy bun. Which one did you like?

Anyway, I am all ready, and i will be going. I’m also excited to see one of the world’s biggest names (hint hint: what do they say to the Char Kuey Teow seller?) to perform on that day!

Are you going?