There are valid reasons one. Srsly.

I decided to drop O 6 months ago and then some time later i dropped G too.

My offical name now is Rin. (Yes, just Rin. No surname.)



You see the reason why i do not like the name Ringo Tan anymore, is that one day (ok, the one day was yesterday. But still, i had that buzzing annoying feeling about my name and that i didn’t quite like it but i just didn’t know why, until yesterday. So i was kind of visionary and psychic! But to say that is like an oxymoron, i will explain why later because i kind of forget what is the point of writing this already… )

(oh. okay)

well, is that one day, which means yesterday, i discovered the true meaning of my name. Well, ex name.

I went and anagrammed my name. They say,

“All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.”

Give you example of some interesting anagrams:

For William Shakespeare :

1. I am a weakish speller.
2. I’ll make a wise phrase.20
3. He’s like a lamp, I swear.

For Michael Jackson:

1. Jail can shock me
2. Jail? Heck No! Scam!
3. Lack cash? Join me!


George Bush = He bugs Gore.
President Bush of the USA = A fresh one, but he’s stupid.
Osama bin Laden = A bad man (no lies).
The terrorist Osama Bin Laden = Arab monster is no idle threat.
Saddam Hussein = UN’s said he’s mad.



Now Ringo Tan.




ScreenShot066 by you.


Great. I sound like someone stupid. It’s true. For one, I never read the newspaper. I never deny any bit of my bimboness.

It can also be anagrammed to “Go ‘N Train”. Wa. Lecture me summore la is it?!??!.


Ok try again with new name.

ScreenShot070 by you.

Hor. Now i sound like someone grumpy. Which is true also. Haih.

Anyway it can also be anagrammed as “Rat Inn”. Which is more true because my house is forever in a mess. Haihhhhh.

I think i need to further drop the N.

FML X 2.



Last try.

ScreenShot068 by you.

Well, that’s me.

Well, please just call me Cheesie from now on. Seriously.

Thanks. Bye.



Go HERE and tell me what your name means.

Remember. All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.