Japanese magazines are my bible now (fav are Pinky, Popteen and Alice). And one thing ALL the models have in common is this impeccable, dolly face. I know they prolly spend like 25 hours putting on make up but their skin look so porcelain-like and natural! Jealous!

Autumn is coming and today i will attempt to achieve that natural flawless finish, dolly look with tinge of black and purple.

Now foundation is the most important part in achieving this divine, perfect look because you don’t wanna look like a tart with too much cream on top. This season’s look is all about natural but flawless complexion so i will need something that gives me the look of perfect luminous skin without a lot of coverage.

And i’m using Anna Sui’s Moisture Rich Base Makeup series from their latest Fall/Winter 2009 collection!

Beautiful box and the iconic rose bottle!

The best thing about the foundation is that it contains botanical extracts with the goodness of anti-oxidant, made from the finest ingredients in Japan.

It has a cocktail of 5 botanical ingredients—Rose extract (which is so classically Anna Sui), rapsberry fruit extract, apricot oil, grape seed oil, olive oil and all of them sounds so organic and yummy!

As my skin is dry, I opted for the fluid foundation. The new bottle design comes with a pump!

Dab onto face. It’s very moist and to glide smoothly and fit closely to the skin.

One thing i notice about the foundation is that it looks very light on skin when you first apply it. And you might think the shade is wrong for you. But after awhile when the liquid sets in you will get the right tone. Let all the goodness absorb!!!

(Ok, quick facts: Raspberries have up to 50% higher antioxidant activity than strawberries and ten times more than tomatoes, and grape seed oil is a highly effective ingredient that boosts skin moisturization.)

Flawless skin in just one minute!

Now just need to complete the make up.

Purple eyeshadow and brown brow dye to match my light brown hair.

Falsies for a dramatic dolly look.


Also available from the base foundation collection are Moisture Rich Foundation Primer, Moisture Rich Powder Foundation, Loose Powder and Moisturizing Treatment Mist.

For a more glam and mature look you can also try their Lipstick B. In a sexy glossy red!! The rose scent is totally amazing!

You can get them from your nearest Anna Sui counter! ^^