to do anything at all.

Just lie in bed and stay home all day.

By the way, what is your biggest phobia? I think everyone is afraid of something ridiculous. Ching is afraid of grainy things (sand, rice) and a friend’s friend (i forgot who already) is afraid of rubber bands (apparently it’s helluva trouble for that person to read the morning newspaper. He/she has to use a chopstick to roll the rubber band off or scissors to snip it off).



I have got fan phobia.



It’s not like i’m terrified of OMG ARE YOU CHEESIE CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH ON MY THIGH PLEASE (which by the way, happens only about twice a day). Not that kind of fear anyway.

(just joking, the twice a day part.)

I am properly afraid of fans. Like, spinning ceiling fans. kipas. Fong sin. Feng Shan. Senbuki.

I used to have special feelings for ceiling fans since i was very little, i was secretly feeling sorry for them for having to work so hard, almost 24/7. They must be dead tired. And i’m sad that they work so hard and they get nothing in return. I mean, at least the cows get to eat some grass or whatever at the end of the day. Nevermind.

But i’m also very afraid of them. I lie on my bed and stare at the one above me, which is a very cool fan, by the way. Everybody is very amazed by it. I’m not sure if you have seen it before, it looks like a flower bud when it is still. And when you switch it on, it opens up gradually, spinning and blooming like a lotus. What is cooler is that it can double up as a lamp. And it can has remote control.

Nemai i’ll just show you.

fan by you.

Project Alpha crew was super impressed by my fan.

Anyway. Back to the phobia. Yea i am constantly worried that it will fall down one day and the blades will slice me up into a million shreds of cheese. The thought is so appalling that sometimes i can’t sleep because they fan is spinning on top of me, slightly wobbly and occasionally letting out spooky squeaks as if to warn me about my imminent tragic death.

If the heat is tolerable, i would put the lowest as possible. I will never switch it on more than 2. And i will start sweating in fear if someone up it to 4 or whatever. Funny, if you think about it.

Anyway i always wonder if anyone actually died of a ceiling fan accident before. T_T

So yea. I’m really scared of fans.

What’s your phobia?



PS: Omg thank you for all your comments to let me know i’m not alone! We should totally form a fan club or something!!!! (Ok lame pun)