Sometimes when i think of it it is quite sad. Especially writing an advert like this. I am a very impulsive person. When i feel like i need a companion, i will need a companion right now. Like now. Like, now. NOW.

When i screw up my lunch or whatever (few days ago i threw away a whole pot of pork ribs hamchoy soup because it tasted like sea water, because i never soak the hamchoy before throwing them all in, but how turf should i know?) i feel like i need a lunch buddy, right now. Like, now. I dunno about you. But sometimes i scroll through my entire phonebook, hundreds of contacts and i couldn’t even think of one (1, satu, ichi, yat) person who can have lunch with me. So it is quite the sad.

I’m just crap at maintaining a relationship. Whatever sort of relationship. Family. Friends. Love. Dog. Bloody hell. My dog don’t even listen to me anymore. I supposed it has something to do with my lack of ability to make an effort.

Honestly, i don’t. I do not know why. There was this one time i was sharing my sentiments with a girl friend. I miss her, and would very much love to see her, but i just don’t make the effort to arrange something. I think like, “oh, if she wants to hang out with me, she’ll call.” And the thing is, she’s exactly the same type of person. She thinks like, “Oh, if she’s free, she’ll give me a buzz.”

It’s just like a guy who doesn’t make an effort to call, you just wouldn’t know, would you? So we end up not talking to each other for a long while, wondering why we haven’t talked each other for a long while.

I just suck at this whole… friend thing.

And i really wish i was a duck. (Or a swan. Sounds prettier. Whatever.) And all my friends were ducks. We wake up, just follow each other, find seaweed to eat for breakfast, rest under the same shade, shag each other, then call it a day. Ok, maybe not shag each other. Anyway. Simple. No guessing guessing. No careful careful about feelings. No need so fan.

I mean! I really miss all my friends, and i want to tell them, sometimes if i don’t call them, it doesn’t mean i don’t think about them, you know? I’m just not very much the… hey wazzup yo let’s hang out person, you know.

Lately i met many nice people, who are very very nice to me, and i wonder why i haven’t been able to make any effort to be nicer to everyone. i really should!

Anyway. Change topic.

I’m on this super mission to fill up a great friendship wall with memorable pictures.

ScreenShot052 by you.

Like this.

This is mine.

It is called the Got X, Got Friends photowall.

Apart from serving you great memory, it also puts you in a contest where 15 of the most creative photos are selected each week, and giving away prizes likeXbox 360, Blackberry Storm, a limited edition Celcom Broadband MTV World Stage modem.

Just upload a photo straight from your comp, or upload it via facebook, or upload it to MeTV via MMS. I share some of my uploaded photos. ^^

There are 4 categories:

In “AWWW!”

ScreenShot060 by you.

ScreenShot058 by you.

In “Out And About”

ScreenShot059 by you.

ScreenShot057 by you.

ScreenShot054 by you.

In “Love & BFF”

ScreenShot056 by you.

ScreenShot055 by you.

ScreenShot053 by you.

In “Gotcha”

bike by you.

ScreenShot063 by you.

Try it out yourself at Got X, Got Friends. Remember to upload between 8-13 August because you and your friend might win chance to party like a rockstar with Pop Shuvit  in Japan!!!

Have fun, you got friends!! ^^