As some of you have spotted, the short hair in my previous post is cheat one.

Will come to that later.

Went for hair treatment in Kimarie.




And also cut my fringe.


Hair feels light and great! I love hair treatments!

And I really really love how they blow my hair!!! I was telling the sylist how good she was, and said too bad i could never do it on my own, and she went, “Of course la!! If everyone can do themselves, all the salon zhap lap liao!!!”

So true. T_T.


Blew my hair straight for once and i love it. Humans are such contradictory beings. When straight, we want curly. When curly, we want straight.

Xiaxue was just telling me that day how when she does her hair extension she’s like OMG so nice why didn’t i do it earlier!!! And when it annoys the hell out of her and she takes them all off, and she’s like OMG it feels so damn good wtf i’m never doing hair extension ever again!!!

And i totally agree lo!! Hair extension is a bitch. (My hair is 100% own hair now). And you guys are right la i will never cut my hair that short, so it is cheat one.

Will show you how to fake short bob when u have long hair without cutting it. Don’t even need a wig.

velcrocurler by you.


I know how to make my bangs stay full and not flat liao!!! Just use the velcro curler and put underneath, instead of clipping them up with a pin. It works so well!!! And the best part is your forehead feels airy and your bangs don’t get oily so fast! ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, if your bang is too long it will help make it shorter! Big hugs for velcro curlers (aiyak. ouch).




miliyah by you.

Fashion icon Kato Miliyahโ€™s hair.

Works best with layered hair.


First of all, separate your hair in two and tie two pony tails just right at shoulder length. You want to use a rubberband that’s close to your hair color so even if it shows it won’t be too obvious. But i only got black la.


Adjust the rubberband length so that when you hide it, it doesn’t show.


Use a pin to clip the end of the hair inside. Use a few pins for more security. This is the trickiest part as it is often too loose and i haven’t even perfected the art myself. ย Anyway, just try to hide it best as you can.

(Haih, my tutorial always very useless what turf.)


Side view.

#10 back view.

Make sure there isn’t any long hair that escaped.


Adjust your hair nicely so there isn’t any gap in between. There’s a gap in this photo so i PSed it off. But it look like crap so please pardon the flaw.




This style gives you very very full volume because of the hair you hide inside, just a perfect shoulder length bob!

So much better than cutting your hair and cry at the salon, right? ^^



Tip: If you have to much hair, you could seperate your hair into 3 parts instead of 2. But i find 2 parts works just great for me.



Let me know if that works for you!

Next up: How to fake no make up with make up.