I tahaned my previous cut very long d. Really really hated the black roots.

Last week finally i had enough, and i went to Kimarie and had my first hair maintenance in 5 months. Seriously, i need to do this more regularly.

I have always wanted to color my hair ash color, but there’s no way to get it without bleaching. I had a long discussion with Joanne at Kimarie and in the end i decided to leave everything up to her because she’s the expert!

Here’s my day in Kimarie. They were so meticulous and pro it took half a day to finish my hair. And i’m super happy with it!

I totally love it!

Okay, because the pictures are taken under yellow light inside the salon, so the color looks very different. But Joanna manage to give me a color closest to what i wanted without bleaching!!

I had quite some problem though with the color. because a year ago, i had my hair colored bright reddish brown (because of MDG la) and i totally hated the color. Then i went to Shanghai and colored it the second time, bright brown but it faded really soon and became some dull goldish color.

So Joanne said it’s impossible to get any ash color (it’s a cold color) because i had red inside my hair. So they had to remove my previous hair dye (as you can see my hair became two colors after that, shown in above picture), and then re-dye it again. I was very worried la because it’s quite tricky.

But they really know what they were doing, so in the end i still have gorgeous hair! And the treatment was totally awesome!

Anyway, i just learnt how to do like a million things to my hair because i have been reading those Japanese magazine until i blind.

No more two-tone hair (you know when you tie it up all the black roots show FYL)! Awesome!

Under natural light, this color is closer to what is it in real.

Braids. I tried side french braid too but it didn’t look too good so.

New straw hat i <3!

Anyway, if you want your hair done go to Kimarie! I really feel very comfortable with them and will go there to do my hair maintenance every month now. ^^

They have 6 salons around Klang Valley and 2 opening soon! Check out their website for the address! I go to the one in SS2 because it’s nearest to my house.