Before i start this advert, i must tell you that i’m an existing b.liv user for about a year, and i’m a happy user. Of course i’m happier now because they are getting me write about something i genuinely like!

So now b.liv is launching the new packaging and some new products, and of course i’m more than glad to introduce my skincare regime to you!

New packaging, and new products.

B.liv is founded by no.1 local salon brand in malaysia called Cellnique. The skin care range was originally called “Cellnique Pro-Series”, which i remember reading from Xiaxue’s blog a couple of years ago!

Then the founder decided to redefine new retail experience by bringing it to the mass market, and now you can find b.liv in majour pharmacy in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There are three ranges of products, one is for oily & blackhead, one for dry skin, one for blemishes and another for large pores.

While everybody knows how to wash and mositurize their face, today i’m going to show you how to do a double mask for full deep cleansing and hydrating effect!

What you need:

1. Glow and Shine

2. Submerge Me

3. Leach Me

First of all, squeeze a generous amount of Glow and Shine skin smoothening mask, and apply it on your face.

Wait for 5-10 minutes, until it becomes dry, then apply some water and start exfoliating. When doing that you are scrubbing away flaws and imperfections, at the same time it also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven-toned face.

My face feel really really clean after the mask. Then pump a small amount of Submerge me, and apply a thin layer on your face.

Submerge Me brings instant relief for parched skin, by replenishing and retaining moisturization in your thirsty complexion. And i like the light texture of it!

And then we are ready for the second mask.

This hydrating mask performs 3 functions at one go: Deep moisturizing + brightening+ age preventing! It latches on to your dry, dull, deteriorating skin – and moisturizes, fortifies and synthesizes it from within.

This is one of my fav masks. It fits just so perfectly on face and it doesn’t dry out 20 seconds after i apply it.

After 20 minutes, you take it off, and it’s done! You have just given yourself a salon-quality home facial!

Then you could apply more Submerge Me if you want to, and if you are going out, put that Shield Me on too. It has SPF25 and the moisture-retaining ingredients help keep your skin well-hydrated.


Wanna try the products and win cash and prizes worth RM2,000?

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The First 30 entries will be entitled with b.liv product hamper worth RM200. Top ten best taglines will be shortlisted and be able to walk away with b.liv product hamper worth RM500.

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To join the contest, submit your most creative tagline along with personal details such as Name, I.C. No., Contact Number and Address to

For more infomation, log on to  b.liv’s website. ^^