Designed by Coalitionatix. And i am proud of it. I won’t even bother replying those comments about my new layout resembling Xiaxue’s.

cheeserland by you.

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But to be completely honest, when my designer showed me the layout, especially after he added the Twitter box thing (by the way, follow me on if you haven’t! 🙂 ),  even *i* thought that it reminds me of Xiaxue’s blog.

But so what? I adore Wendy and i totally do not think that it’s a bad thing.

I know how hard the designer and programmer worked on the layout (and i don’t pay them, anyway, so i don’t really want to be a diva and demand the moon and stars and diamonds. Or diamantes, so i could be a true Xiaxue clone) and i really appreciate their effort. So whatever they have done, i am going to keep.

It is not perfect (yet), and there are still a lot of things i’d want to add/edit, but i am not complaining. (The only thing was, but why orchid!!! I know right!!!! But i don’t think cheese would look very good on a pink blog. Or maybe it could. I’d have to talk to the designer. And i also had a lot more other pictures i could put to do a rotating header thing [yea, just like Xiaxue’s!] but fucckaccino my hard disk died and most of my recent pictures are gone so i dunno what to do now 🙁 )

If Wendy herself and i myself aren’t complaining, i don’t know why it would be a problem for you. Not your blog oso.

Ok rant finish. Have to post advertorial (you can get annoyed with that later).





By the way, T Music Festival was super the long. Stand until my feet also pain. I totally changed my opinion about Power Station after the concert. Funny thing is, there was a Power Failure at the concert right after Power Station finished performing!

The annoying thing was KY was staring at his Blackberry more than the stage, he was basically tweeting every single minute, doing live commentation on the performers!!

So irritating. I osowan. T_T

Watch the Blackberry 8520 review:

I will only be getting it when it finally launches in Malaysia, but you guys could pre-register it here. 🙂