Yesterday somebody commented that my hair looks like pudding! I dunno why but i find that rather amusing. For a brief moment i actually felt slightly smug.

Like, omg your hair super pudding smooth or whatever, so cute yummy nom nom nom!

Caramel-Pudding by you.

Except it is not.


It’s not a compliment lo. It means it’s time to touch up my black root. Look at the color of the pudding. Ya somehow reminds me of my own hair fml.


Another hair tutorial.

It is pretty much the same as Cheat One™ Short Hair. Except that is is called Cheat One™ Short Wavy Hair. ^^


First of all, you tong your hair. It doesn’t really matter if you mess up, because you are gonna hide the long ends anyway. In fact, i see it as a very good way to practice curling your hair, since you can afford to conceal the disastrous outcome.

But hey, look at it the other way round, this tutorial is also useful for people who always screw up their curls. ^^

But make sure you curl the layered hair at the top so it gives it more volume!


Twist the long end, and tie the end of the hair with a small rubber band (optional).


Now you want to attempt to hide the hair.


Adjust, and then pin it up with a hair clip, or bobby pins. Pin it up with the hair at the scalp behind your neck.

(Note: task requires both great flair and pure brilliance.)

If you so unfortunately possess none of the above quality fail miserably, repeat step 3 and 4 until you give up.

Then proceed to Step 5. Two options:

5a. Give up, then scroll all the way down, leave a nasty comment (that might or might not involve a mention of two female animals) saying that this Hair Tutorial is, indeed, Cheat One™. Except a slight problem may occur—that the insult might be misintepreted as a compliment by the blog owner.

5b. If you so happen by sheer luck or chance (talent is another possibility, however it is almost, but not entirely unlikely), congratulations. You can proceed to the next step.


Which is to just admire your great work in the mirror.





It will look liddis.

Ok la not much difference with the Cheat One ™ Short Hair. Hmm.

I attempted a second try, and clipped it up even shorter, and i quite like the effect.



Maybe you can try! And let me know how it goes! ^^

Hair Maintenance by: Kimarie@SS2

Stylist: Serene





BB Update:

Counting down 9 days before i get my Blackberry.

Watch what Joyce say about her Blackberry Curve 8520. It is true. She loves it so much i think she pay more attention to it than anything else in Cebu T_T. But then again if i have gotten my BB i would have done just the same. I think. 😛

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