How to fake short hair with long hair

As some of you have spotted, the short hair in my previous post is cheat one.

Will come to that later.

Went for hair treatment in Kimarie.




And also cut my fringe.


Hair feels light and great! I love hair treatments!

And I really really love how they blow my hair!!! I was telling the sylist how good she was, and said too bad i could never do it on my own, and she went, “Of course la!! If everyone can do themselves, all the salon zhap lap liao!!!”

So true. T_T.


Blew my hair straight for once and i love it. Humans are such contradictory beings. When straight, we want curly. When curly, we want straight.

Xiaxue was just telling me that day how when she does her hair extension she’s like OMG so nice why didn’t i do it earlier!!! And when it annoys the hell out of her and she takes them all off, and she’s like OMG it feels so damn good wtf i’m never doing hair extension ever again!!!

And i totally agree lo!! Hair extension is a bitch. (My hair is 100% own hair now). And you guys are right la i will never cut my hair that short, so it is cheat one.

Will show you how to fake short bob when u have long hair without cutting it. Don’t even need a wig.

velcrocurler by you.


I know how to make my bangs stay full and not flat liao!!! Just use the velcro curler and put underneath, instead of clipping them up with a pin. It works so well!!! And the best part is your forehead feels airy and your bangs don’t get oily so fast! 😀

Also, if your bang is too long it will help make it shorter! Big hugs for velcro curlers (aiyak. ouch).




miliyah by you.

Fashion icon Kato Miliyah’s hair.

Works best with layered hair.


First of all, separate your hair in two and tie two pony tails just right at shoulder length. You want to use a rubberband that’s close to your hair color so even if it shows it won’t be too obvious. But i only got black la.


Adjust the rubberband length so that when you hide it, it doesn’t show.


Use a pin to clip the end of the hair inside. Use a few pins for more security. This is the trickiest part as it is often too loose and i haven’t even perfected the art myself.  Anyway, just try to hide it best as you can.

(Haih, my tutorial always very useless what turf.)


Side view.

#10 back view.

Make sure there isn’t any long hair that escaped.


Adjust your hair nicely so there isn’t any gap in between. There’s a gap in this photo so i PSed it off. But it look like crap so please pardon the flaw.




This style gives you very very full volume because of the hair you hide inside, just a perfect shoulder length bob!

So much better than cutting your hair and cry at the salon, right? ^^



Tip: If you have to much hair, you could seperate your hair into 3 parts instead of 2. But i find 2 parts works just great for me.



Let me know if that works for you!

Next up: How to fake no make up with make up.

115 responses to “How to fake short hair with long hair”

  1. JuLs says:

    u look lovely with short hair too, maybe one day you’ll get sick with long hair? hehe

  2. Ying Bin says:

    Love ur hair tutorials,ur so talented. 🙂

  3. wanan try it too when free:P

  4. teehee says:

    pardon me if i sound stupid ..

    But omg my fringe is LIMP so where do you get velcro curlers?????


  5. Vnie says:

    Is too LATE!! I chopped my hair frm waist to shoulder length. Regretted 🙁

  6. yumii says:

    alamakkk, i kena tipuuu!! v.v but you need nice bangs like yours only will look real one!
    shall go home try tonight! 8D
    more beauty tricks pleaseeeee!!! waiting for the next make up trick!! 😀

  7. Tian Chad says:

    That’s y I wonder why suddenly Cheesie made your hair so short ;p

  8. Khengsiong says:

    I know of a model called Carace, who has been featured many times in the photography forums. She sometimes is photographed with short hair, and sometimes with long hair. I had been wondering how she did it.

    Now I understand. She must have learned the trick from you!

  9. KY says:

    so much trouble! :X

  10. Tey Cindy says:


  11. DSvT says:

    You looks stunning de~

  12. Cher Wee says:

    good…i like ur tutorial…

  13. bleusnow says:

    lurve your posts on hair tutorials. Keep it up ! 😈

  14. sheon says:

    i prefer you with long hair. :mrgreen: ok, i prefer girls with long hair.

    you should trademark your “cheat one” phrase…..

    how to fake no make up with make up?…just dun put makeup lar.. hahaha….

  15. Mellissa says:

    Extensions so much trouble right, washing hair also so difficult! Now I can’t stop washing my hair after taking them out, never enjoyed it so much before hahahahaha

  16. hayley says:

    Rin you are so pro in doing the hair thingy 😉
    i was trying the hair bun yesterday.. but dont know why it doesnt turned out well 🙁
    how to tie the hair higher ha…

  17. sarah says:

    Your hair looks great in Pic #4 and #5~! Love the fringe. Never ever cut your hair short, you’ll regret it. I have long hair now, and all I want is too cut my hair I never did..cos I love my long hair too much. Anway, I can’t fake the short hair. Very hard lor. The ends keep sticking out at the sides.

  18. keju says:

    next time teach me how to date hot chicks out of my league when u don’t have the looks or money to do so. cheat one.

  19. szu says:

    this cheat one can only be done on layered hair i suppose?

  20. cassandra says:

    Haha you are so good at styling hair! Anyway, I went to SS2 Kimmarie as well. Which girl are you talking about? Maybe next time I can find her also and give her some business XD

  21. chin says:

    hey can show how u pin your hair and hide it underneath? i tried but failed.. ❓

  22. hahha can you believe that since you last cut your hair and I commented that I wanna cut fringe also… I still haven’t cut it yet.

    That was at least at the start of the year.


    Oh, can add one more phobia to the list. Phobia go cut hair coz always turns out crap for me T.T

  23. axiao says:

    No wonder the volume!! Nice!!

  24. WP says:

    Wow, that’s one cool idea for a quick change of hairstyle! (not that I can use it though; I have short hair :P)

  25. kehlin says:

    ish babe! i thought u bought the wig! 😛

  26. David says:


    Your hair and eyes in these photos are so TERRIFIC!

    Just WOW and more WOW!

    Seeing these shots makes one understand why many of your female followers want to emulate your style!

    You just know how to pull all this off!


  27. sugar says:

    this is the best tutorial ever.. always wanted to know how to make my bangs stay full. but then hor, the velcro curler won’t stick on my hair lor.. just fall off like that.. how!?

    then the volumize hair at the sides, did you curl them too!?

    • cheesie says:

      haha really?

      turns out its so damn easy right??? 😀

      wa cannot be la. velcro sticks very well one. did you get the wrong ones?

      No i didnt curl my hair

      • sugar says:

        yeah, so damn easy! lolsss.
        more hair + makeup tutorials okay!?

        i getting new velcro, maybe mine too low quality.
        ohh, having hair extension is that bad? i thought wanna try, now maybe will change my mind.. lols.

  28. Mush says:

    hey cheese, i like it~
    Can I ask about the price for the treatment?
    OMG! I really love your hair style~ 😛
    Last time i tried to cut like this, but fail 😕

  29. Cheong Hao says:

    i love ur hair in the 4th picture of urs…look so nice and pretty haha….well, you finally show the steps of faking a short hair….

    just want to ask something…if someone ask you to tie a bun with that faking short hair of urs how will you do it?? wont the hair behind you fall down???

  30. xueni says:

    love your hair!! (:

    & it’s clever to use a curler for bangs. hah. SMART! 😈

  31. catherine says:

    how did you get your hair to grow so fast? i cut my hair almost the same time as you, did hair extensions last yr and i took it off 2 months ago it is just shoulder length. Took me 1 year to grown till my shoulder.

  32. kristine says:

    i duno how to hideee it 😥

    • cheesie says:

      sorry i also dunno how to explain to you. i think u have to practice many times. basically i just clip it with the hair behind the ear near scalp. 🙂

  33. hitomi says:

    do you put the velcro behind you when you tie two pony tails??

  34. Xiaopei says:

    I dunno how to pin up the tail…

  35. curryegg says:

    This is cool!
    I have been wanting to know how. Thanks for the tips.. 😉

  36. Ying Bin says:

    Were u having ur dinner at Kepong just now?Just tot I’ve seen u,but not quite sure.

  37. JuLs says:

    cheesie…did u pull out for Proj A?

  38. PwencessaC says:

    i like rin with long hair much much more =)

  39. fiionxs says:

    Cheesiee, how much is the hairdo in Kimarie? :D. im planning to change my hairstyle, im getting so freaking bored with it :(.

    pic 3 and 4 is sooo fabulous. who’s the lady that cut/style your hair? 😮

  40. budlee says:

    true, steaming is so good, not just with dim sum meh 😎

    such a cool trick meh, i should tell this to my sisters who is getting there bangs done today. i think…

  41. Simon Seow says:

    Damn, I got cheated. 👿

  42. yuehuan says:

    hahah long hair is much nicer! 🙂

  43. Huai Bin says:

    Represent with a Sri Lankan flag!

    Greetings from Colombo! 🙂

  44. Huai Bin says:

    Haha! Nearly forgot to do The Flag (TM) at Cheeserland.

  45. stupidgirl says:

    hey short hair also nice leh…look so kawaii…haha…anyway u look beautiful with any hairstyle (except bald perhaps)…and how come you can hide your hair so nicely 1? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t quite work. =.= anyway…admire your hair so much!!!

  46. Jan says:

    how layer is ur hair?
    i tried bt failed..

  47. cathj says:

    Jeez!!! Thank God!!! I thought you really do a hair cut.. :mrgreen:

  48. rachel says:

    wish i’d read this before i went to chop chop chop my long hair off 🙁 great tutorial! 🙂
    btw how do you use the velcro rollers to make your bangs look fuller? do you just leave them there for a while, overnight or something?

  49. cheesie says:

    just leave it for 10 mins. that will work!

  50. shannongoh says:


  51. shannongoh says:

    but she quite chio, not bad, hahhhahaha

  52. ellie says:

    so kawaii! ^_^ thanks for the idea, will totally try it tomorrow! and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your hair! what color is it?

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