I’m so inspred by PRUhealth‘s  stay healthy and get rewarded plan, i am going do just that!

I mean, everybody will have to take care of themselves, if not they will die faster, right? Nobody wants to be ill! These days, medical bill for treatment of certain diseases can cost as much as a house!

And in order to have a long and blissful life, you will need to invest in your health to achieve that, no? So there’s some inevitable expenses we will need to fork out in order to be of pink health, and that’s totally logical!

(I know i know, there are many ways to stay healthy without spending any money, like park far far away from your office and climb 28o flights of stairs back to your apartment, or something. But that’s not the point, is it? If it’s that easy then why do people spend money to join gym? Plus, who actually purposely park far far away so they can be healthy? Exactly.)

Plus! You are going to get rewarded anyway, if you are healthy, so what’s the big deal of spending a few Ringgits? Well, not exactly few Ringgits, but still!

So yea, today i will teach myself (i don’t dare to teach you yet. Later you say i Cheat One ™) how to invest in good health! So these are my important investments for longevity.

Speaking of longevity, of course we will have to learn from the people who live the longest.

1. Japanese food

sushi by you.

The uni sushi was like OMFGicantbelieveit GOOD.

kanirice by you.

Hot stone kani rice. T_T

kanirice2 by you.

Will you look at the fat crab meat!!!!!! T_T

tonkatsu by you.

Black pork Tonkatsu. T_T

homecook by you.

Homecooked beansprout and egg rice. So simple but so nice! T_T

mentaiko by you.

And of course my fav Mentaiko Onigiri. T_T

Dowan say liao. I should totally invest in an air ticket back to japan. T_T

2. Wii

nintendo_wii_1 by you.

OMG. Wii is the best thing invented since like, i dunno, Tamagochi or something. I mean, look at Wii Sports and Wii Fit! You actually have an entire Olympics stadium in a room! See, who needs to go out anymore! Plus, you can’t go to the bowling center as a penguin can you? But with wii, i can play tennis with Michael Jackson or do Yoga with Jesus or something. I’m sure it’s very spiritually enlightening.

3. Dessert

cheesecake by you.

Do you know that DESSERTS is STRESSED spelled backward? That’s precisely why they have the exact opposite effect on your health! Don’t let anyone tell you dessert is evil and bad for your health! Anyone tell you that you can ask them to read cheeserland.com! Stress is the major cause for most illness, isn’t it? And dessert makes you happy! See what i say about the reverse effect? Exactly.

Better still if you could learn how to make your own dessert. Do’t they all say home-made food are the healthiest? Of course, in order to make my own healthy dessert, i will also need:

4. Ice Cream Machine

5. Waffle Maker

6. New carpet (just in case of any baking mishap)

7. Holidays!

nomood by you.

(Note the exclamation mark!) I think this is the best health investment ever. Oh, smell the fresh air! Wow, paddy fields! Oh look, a butterfly! Everyone is happy when they go for holidays! And you do so much healthy activities, like, walking, climbing, swimming, kick boxing… Okay maybe not kick boxing… but you never know when you need to teach some pickpocketer or mean cab drivers some lessons, right? Yeap.

8. Credit card

Yes! Credit card! And the best thing is, it is free! I mean, you don’t pay for credit cards do you? Well, not until you have to pay them, of course. And with credit card, what do you do? You go shopping! And shopping is exercise, isn’t it? Perfect.

So yea. I am a mature, business minded career woman. I do smart investment! I’m going to be really healthy, and get rewarded for it!

PRUhealth not only helps pay for the unexpected medical bills when you need it most, but also reward you for being healthy! So, be safe and healthy, and no headache (of course not just headache la, any other sickness of course!). Especially with scary medical inflation rate. Do you know that an appendix removal surgery that costs RM3000 today, is predicted to increase to RM20,000 in 20 years time?

Go have a look. They also have other useful health tips on healthy eating, fitness tips and a BMI calculator.

I like the Malaysian Sstaple calorie chart!

For example,

ScreenShot004 by you.

Do you know that Cendol has got 2X the calories of Roti canai?

Dunno leh.