I went for a health check at an event organised by Prudential the other day with a bunch of other bloggers.

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I have a lot of health problems.

Like i said this is a year that i’m a bit paranoid about my health because i psychologically feel that i’m getting old etc etc. To start with, i have very low bloody pressure. For people concern about artery blockage might think i’m very lucky. True, i can afford to eat an extra piece of fat char siew or pork lard or two but that doesn’t spare me from feeling miserable.

I get dizzy every easily, especially when i sit or stand for too long. When period comes that time it is worse.

Anyway, we all were both excited and scared about the health check.

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Keju and i play doctor. Ok that sounds very wrong. -_-

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The singseh was a beautiful young lady with super long hair. Dunno why she reminded me of those ancient beauty in some Chinese drama with very keng kung-fu and can heal people by putting her hand on your back and transfer good Qi to you one. Ok nvm.

Anyway. She examined my health with this machine thingie. Nowdays no need transfer Qi. Got very canggih technology already. She used electro-acupoint thing, to poke on a point on our finger tips and toe tips (that are connected to our internal organs) and can find out if each of our organs is doing fine.

When i asked KY how it feels, (because the machine gives out some really eerie shrieking siren sound), he said it’s like being repeatedly jabbed by a giant bee. Or something.


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It’s quite painful one ok.

When it was Keju’s turn the doctor had to poke him very very hard until he screamed because she said he has too much dead skin on his toe cannot detect HAHAHHA!

Anyway, if the reading is between 45-55 you’re doing fine. Most of the guys scored too high. And mine was all under. She said i very the weak. Haih.

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KY also got some over-functioned organs.

So from now on i’m gonna train myself to be a healthy super girl.

And remember i blogged about how staying healthy can get you rewarded?

Prudential has a plan that rewards you for staying healthy, and covers you when you are not.

Most of the medical plan (including the one i’m having now) only insure you when you fall sick, or get into an accident (choi), or die (choi choi choi). But if you are fine and in pink health, you get nothing.

While we of course have to be prepared for rainy days, but I mean, how perverted is that, the whole idea of paying a few hundred bucks for something that you wish will never happen. It really upsets me, every month transfer my insurance premium that time also damn heartache. It’s sort of a complicated and ironic thing, isn’t it, this whole insurance thing.

So Prudential came out with a way that encourages people to stay healthy. If you do not make any claim for the year, you will receive a No Claims Bonus up to RM500 annually. And the monthly premium is as low as RM100 for a comprehensive coverage.

Well i do not want to bore you with too much facts, so go over to Pruhealth to have a look.

I personally have good feelings about the plan, because normally insurance is associated with negative things, like illness, tragedy, death and loss of someone dear to us. I normally try not to think anything about it because it is depressing.

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But i like how PruHealth motivates us to stay healthy and be very positive about the whole thing. Even though i’m not a PruHealth client, it did make me wanna be healthier, just for a more worried-free life in the future. ^^

Anyway, i’m Cebu now, prolly going for a healthy spa tomorrow. Update soon!