Bukit Bintang, KL at 12 noon – Something phenomenal is about to happen right in the middle of the most happening part of KL city. You can feel it in the air.


Everybody is looking up and over their shoulder. Excitement is everywhere. Everyone is talking and the atmosphere is electrifying this fine and warm afternoon.

They look up and they see it. They see that BIG screen mounted on the Yayasan Selangor Building. They look away and they spot HER! She moves with the crowd, shielding her famous face behind those huge sunglasses.


She’s approaching!

dutchlady02 by you.
There! Spotted! She distances herself from the crowd now, slowing down and looking up to greet everyone with a picture perfect smile.

Her name is Lady Cheesie.

She’s the dairy superstar. Number one supporter of all things calcium that helps builds strong bones.

Lady Cheesie struts her stuff and proceeds to pose to help spread the goodness of MILK! She generously shares her beauty secrets and tips on how to stay fit and healthy.

Just how famous is Lady Cheesie? She’s SOOOO famous that her face appears on the 10 metres tall giant LED board, broadcasted and viewed by thousands of pedestrian and motorists within the Bukit Bintang area.


She sits down on the bench and looks up at the LED screen.

A crowd gathers nearby watching her every move, some secretly wanting to see their faces flashed across the big screen too. After all who hasn’t dreamt of being famous?
She smiles and told the crowd “Come grab your 15 seconds of fame!”

The crowd looks at one another, hesitant and confused. What is happening? She cannot possibly be serious about EVERYONE being famous like her? O.o

#10 So you see. Yes, fame doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, a weird, inexplicable obsession with something fermented, yellow and smelly may get you somewhere. Become a somewhat but not entirely infamous blogger if you are lucky. But sometimes, you just don’t need to go through all the dairy fixation to appear on a giant commercial board.

Thanks to Dutch Lady Malaysia, everybody and anybody now stands an equal chance for that quick, but nonetheless glorious 15-sec of fame!

How to get your unknown face up on the big screen?

Head down to Bukit Bintang (the corner, opposite Lot 10, infront of Maybank). Lookout for the really cute Dutch Lady backdrop (as pictured above). Grab one of those really cute and cuddly cartons and strike your best pose – don’t forget to look up into the elevated camera.

All you posers who pose in front of the backdrop will have their photo captured by the camera. Your photo will then be flashed on that HUGE LED screen – all in REAL TIME, for 10-15 seconds!

If you’re a closet poser and just plain shy, drag your fellow poser and you can all pose together! The more the merrier or cheesier! 😛

Bring your entourage and let them be the dairy superstars in all their glory together!

dutchlady13 by you.

And it will all appear right up there!

All captured images will be posted up on Dutch Lady’s Facebook page HERE . Become a fan and you can keep a lookout for your own LED shot.

You all should really go and try it out yourself! Be a dairy superstar like Lady Cheesie. ^^


Oh, I must not forget to tell you that for all the hard work of posing at this screen, you will be rewarded with yummy Dutch Lady chocolate milk on the spot!
If you were to think of a caption for this Lady Cheesie picture, what would it be?! Maybe you can help me become the next MILK ambassador! 😛

This is a video of how the LED works. The audio is a bit funny when i convert the file, nevertheless it’s awesome! ^^

Wanna thank Judd and Jes for taking the pix and vid!

It is happening 24/7 at Bukit Bintang from 30th until 12th Nov, so go there and have your starry picture taken now!

To view the photos, go to the Facebook Fan page. See if you can spot my photo, and leave comment to it ok!! ^^