So you have seen how i turn my long hair into a short bob.

This hair tutorial will attempt to show you the complete opposite— how to turn middle length hair into super long hair, without using a wig or any hair extension.

Liddis. And no the second picture isn’t taken after 56 years.

Magic leh!

However, be warned that this is probably most Cheat One™ Hair Tut i have ever done.

In fact, it is so genuinely Cheat One™ (oxymoron wtf), if by the end of this post you haven’t felt cheated already, i may consider taking offense in that.

sideponytail0 by you.

#1 So this tutorial only works on side pony tail. I always love side pony tail because normal pony tails are so boring. But the only flaw is that when you tie it up real high, it looks really short. So what if you want really long and fluffy pony tail hanging from the crown of your head! And extensions are so expensive and a total bitch!

#2 So you tie half a pony tail at the side. Tie it high. (Sorry this pic is totally inconsistent with all the pix below because i forgot i need a shot like this so i took it a different time).


(And these pictures are taken ages ago. My hair isn’t even this color anymore.) Ok so after you tie half a pony tail, you can proceed to tong it with a curler. And the rest of your hair. You can also do this before you tie your hair, but doing it after will give you more control over how you want it to look and would be less messy.


Showing rubber bands is a faux paux unless done intentionally! So whenever you tie your hair, you shall hide the rubber band with your own hair. To do this, you need some of your own hair, and a bobby pin.

#5 Just pick a thin chunk from the ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band. Go several rounds until it is not visible anymore.

#6 And then secure the chunk of hair (the remaining part) underneath. And you are about done. But sometimes you will find the pony tail jutting out and it’s not very nice like that, so you want to take a small chuck of the pony tail and pin it together with the hair that is untied to make sure it stays near your scalp. Sorry i don’t have pic for that, forgot to take.

#7 And then just sapu all hair to the side where you tie your pony tail.

#8 And you will look like you have extremely loooong hair.


Of course, tutorial is not without flaw. Like usual, it is Cheat One™.

So it only looks nice from the front. When someone look at you from behind, it is damn obvious Cheat One™ la. But i hardly turn my head 180° to see how my hair looks at the back of my head. Plus, if i turn 180°, i still can’t see the back of my head anyway.

So there. I just need to please myself. Whatever i cannot see, i just assume they are perfect. ^^

Enjoy your Cheat One™ Tutorial! Tell me how you like it!

Hair maintenance by Kimarie.

“Don’t Potong Yet!!” Update:

Ok so a lot of people advice me not to potong Streamyx yet. From now on I will report here my Streamyx service frequently.

So ever since the “Cut Your Head” campaign i noticed that the line has been quite stable. Today i managed to download a whole Vivi album (74MB) within an hour. Acceptable la. Just hope that they could improve their service and do better!

So as of now, i won’t potong just yet. Just in case i regret, or have to blog outside at my balcony fml.

Let’s see how it goes!