Ok topic of the hour is: What defines style.

I mean, when you can be in a display window, and do a live hair tutorial, that’s style.


This is what im wearing today. Wardrobe by French Connection, TANGS.

I feel like a mutant animal.

The beige sequin top is very… scale-like. Made me feel like a fish.

Then i’m wearing leopard print leggings (ooooomg why all these leggings all so comfy all! WHY!  Finally i realized there’s a difference between RM30 leggings and RM200 leggings T___T)


Earrings to match.

Bet the guys didn’t rummage through their accessories (if they even have one) wardrobe just to get prepared for a fashion fix.


Matching ring and bangles. I dont need to tell you where they are from.


Matching heels.





My two-way mirror is to benefit the mass ok!!! Everyone <3 it.


And you can use it in so many ways i <3 it.



The crowd is HUGE on a Saturday evening!



So, since the entire TANGS display window is all glittery and Christmassy, i decided to wrap myself up with ribbons to look like a xmas gift.








I also did the Cheat One side pony tail <3





ANother 3.5 hours to go >__<