4.09PM They drew for me!!

2:49PM Fashionable Technology

12:20PM 10 things you should know








My crap hair. Gonna do some magic to it.


Sacrificing my laptop power point in the name of vanity. Lucky my Lenovo battery last very long!!!



While im curling my hair, the 3 guys are already working hard for the day!!



Almost there.





WIll update soon again so omfg busy can die.







The funny thing is, this whole get-locked-up-in-a-window thing gives me a atrociously familiar feeling. It feels almost, but not entirely unlike MDG. Except that everything is the exact opposite.

In MDG i was stuck with all girls, and now im here with all guys. In MDG i was completely deprived of any form of communication technology, and here i’m whoring the social media non-stop until i wanna pass out. >_<


Yesterday was crazy! i actually brought along 3 DVDs and  and one book and plenty of other girly stuff. Didn’t get to touch them at all cuz we were to busy lobbying for votes/completing our blog posts. I don’t think i have ever typed so much in my entire life time (and i can only type with 2 fingers fml).

Today is the last day! If you can come to Pavilion to support!

Ok i have to do my make up now and as promised i’d do a live hair tutorial if time allows.



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