In 10 hours time, i am going to be sitting Tangs Pavilion’s display window. Dressed up nicely, with a Lenovo computer on my lap, and start blogging 12 hours straight.

Same routine for Saturday. Another 12 hours. Non stop.

It’s the Live Mannequin blogathon.

My competitors are Ky, Huai Bin, and Wern Shen. This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion.

Watch this video!

I didn’t know that they were shooting when we did out wardrobe fitting at Tangs. I could have put on make up to avoid looking so horrible.

14650_344221745120_342358655120_9798915_3790206_n by you.

I have never seen my hair in a more atrocious state fml!

Cannot liao. Tomorrow must wake up early to pan leng leng to whore for votes.

YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?  It is a harder chore for me because i am very sure that i will wake up earliest tomorrow (actually it is today. But i will wake up today sounds wrong. Ok whatever.) than the rest of the gentlemen because i will need to put on make up, TONG MY HAIR etc etc.

Sucks to be a girl.

Please come and support me today and tomorrow! I mean, Friday and Saturday!

We will be blogging and twittering non stop! I will update VERY VERY VERY VERY OFTEN. Like, all the time. Like, read until you jelak kind of often. Get yourself a puke bucket.

And this is the prize i will get if i win this.

  • Grand prize: 1 Lenovo ultra thin laptop, RM500 TANGS vouchers

So please follow me on Twitter HERE, RT as many of my blogathon tweets as possible, and comment on my posts as much as possible (minimum 20 words per comment, dun just WTF LOL me.) to help me defeat the 3 other men!!

Will update again. Soooooooon!

Stay cheesed!

PS: Bloody hell dunno what internet connection they are using in Pavilion hopefully they never potong and it is streamyx on wifi cuz we will be blogging like 12 hours straight!! Imagine a crap connection!!! *prays*