Lunch on my Lenovo laptop, because no other place to put alrady >_<



I will tell you the reasons why you should support me instead of the 3 other gentlemen.


Reason 4

Still need to put eyedrop for my eye infection summore have to stare into screen for 24 hours very eye pain ok.


Reason 3

Girls have to pan leng leng ok. Have to make sure hair is perfect. So that’s extra work!!! T_T


Reason 2

Girls always take longer for their toilet routine! >__<





Reason 1


Green one is KY’s bag. Red one is mine. From BACI, just to support my sponsor a bit. I was really tempted to haul my entire luggage to TANGS. Girls just need so many more things. Mirror. Make up set. Hair curler. Spare shoes. And i wanted to bring my pillow and my conforter too. T___T sob very he heavy ok.

11:40 AM

Ok im adding more words cuz every post has to be at least 150 words so now i have to type and type and type makes sure it fits the criteria.

I will be uploading photos very very soon! I need to edit them all nice nice first!!!! Pls come to TANGS vote for me if you are around KL ok ^^

 Doing make up now.


Update soon!


PS: Ya this post is counted please comment more than 20 words ok hehe! <3