My early Christmas wish!!!

Give you ample time to get me what i want ok!!! Don’t have excuse to say too rush etc! Well actually on second thought it is supposed to be the Top 5 thing *i* would like to treat myself but i can always pretend that i didn’t read that part.

Here goes!

1. White Christmas at Hokkaido with all my lovelies!

Omg just came back from Isetan Hokkaido Fair makes me wanna go sooner! Like nao. Like, nao. NAO.

I know! I’m just rubbing it in! Whoever can’t go! Wheee.

Actually we are having major headache now about the flights and all sigh. And so many people FFKed last minute fml. Hopefully really jadi this time. *prays to cheese*

2. A microwave

Obviously it would be a plus if it’s in pink.

Because i am just not meant for cooking and i think i should just let the machine do the work.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the red stuff on top of the chicken is Mentaiko. I just saje added it there, in case it tastes nice. I’m almost, but not entirely unsure that it would maybe, albeit with a slight chance of miscalculation, be an award winning recipe. But i’d never know.

See what i say about not meant for cooking?

3. Fugu (Puffer fish)

Ok that’s prolly is Cheat One™ i’m quite sure you don’t eat Fugu liddat.

Ok lemmi see if i can find a less disturbing picture.



A bit equally disturbing.



That’s more like it. Fugu Sashimi.

But yea! Everyone says Fugu is something you should eat at least once in your life before you die. Or just before you die. In case the chef messes up or something.

Once Food God KYspeaks told me that he hates how people always use the expression “to die for” to describe food. He said the only food that is truly “to die for” is prolly Fugu.


4.  Another Holiyear

Places i wanna go next year.

Oh, Hokkaido is not counted in this and should be an entirely different entity because it happens this year.

5. A fabulous love and sex life FML

5. Dell Inspiron 13

I have a spanking 24″ LCD Desktop, and my beloved Blackbbery so now i need a LAPTOP FOR TRAVELING!!!

And as always, it helps if it is pink!!! 😀

The new Dell Inspiron is 13.3 inches, to be exact. Plus the 16:9 widescreen format means you never have to squint or lean up close!! And it comes in soooo many diff yummy candy colors including PINK!! (Merah jambu, fen hong, pinku).

And this gorgeous baby could be yours too, if you blog about it!

1 .Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself.

2. Share with us why the Dell Inspiron 13 should belong in your Top 5 Treat List.

3. Send in an email to along with your name, email address and a permalink of the blog post. If  your blog entry ranks among the three most creative, you’ll be the proud owner of an Inspiron 13 very soon!

Also! You can reward your blog readers by giving them a special coupon code from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!

And now i’m rewarding you.


More info about the contest HERE!