My hair is fab.

But don’t you get bored of the same hair style after awhile? Even if you do a fab hair bun, it’s just empty without any hair accessories.


So what if.

I give you two green ties.


And what magic can you do with two shoe-lace like strings?


Just experimenting.


Or something really, i dunno. Crazy. I didn’t even have anything in my mind. I just… play with them.


I don’t even know what it is called. Drawstring hair bun or something.

And i’d like to try something crazier.


This is called the Rapunzel Cheat Oneβ„’



Inspired yet?

It’s called the Generasi Hebat Green Tie. Express yourself with it, wear it as an accessory, a fashion statement, whatever!

Be creative, and you could win yourself a trip with the Generasi Hebat stars to Hong Kong Disneyland plus exclusive Generasi Hebat collectibles.

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