Yay means more pictures to bribe you all!

Went for a shoot this morning for a pet magzine.

Wa i tell you it was damn hard doing a photoshoot with dogs.

She looks cuter with her tongue out, but when she’s in front of the big studio lights she just freezes and look damn emo. So i had to let her down, play chasing with her (omfg tiring), let her run wild like crazy, until she’s panting and all then quickly carry her back to the set so she can be relaxed looking liddis —> πŸ˜›

Or liddis.

Damn tough job. -_-

Stylist gave me a hairstyle similar to my dog!


After the shoot both of us were utterly knackered.

Sneak peek.

Cannot show full pic cuz mag copyright and all those things.

PS: I’m going to Hong Kong Disneyland with Xiaxue and Audrey this Friday!!!! While they are lovey dovey with their bfs i will just go shopping with Redmummy la. SO EXCITED!!



Just finished downloading the latest Japanese magazines. I now have Ranzuki, Popteen, Ageha and Jelly! 4 full mag scans just this morning! Say yay to Streamyx!!!

Nah. Don’t day i never share. You can download them too here. ^^

Ranzuki Steady Nail Venus Nail Max