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Went to Bulldog with my friends for dinner the other day!


Again,  Keju was here for the Guinness Xmas Special! And of course i love it because, we really love to experiment new food and we can’t wait to see what other Guinness Infusion dish they serve because we loved the last ones in Soul’ed Out. ^^


Haha, this restaurant is full of Guinness goodness. i dunno whether it is intentional or not, because we call Guinness in cantonese as Hak Gou Bear, which is black bulldog 😛


I LOVE restaurant who bother to do festive decorations!


Cheesie and Koyuki!!!


Koyuki sleeping with a very warm and cosy background.

I think it is a really nice chill out place, especially when the staff are also very friendly and helpful. ^^


As usual, Guinness never ceases to please their customers. More Guinness Promo!

Buy 3 pints and Guinness and get a miniature pint glass!


There’s also this other promotion where you buy 2 pints, and you get to choose a gift from the Christmas Tree!

So Keju and I each took one pint, and i got to pick a Guinness bauble from the mini Xmas tree.



Opened up, it shows a coupon, it’s another extra Guinness Pint.

Hohoho, looks like tonight’s gonna be a good good night 😛


The 3rd thing i love about Bulldog is their Guinness Draught, which according to Keju, is the perfect pour (foam down to the Guinness Logo). So foamy and rich!


Nom Guinness



Keju’s roast pork!

Roar!!! 4th thing i like about Bulldog is that WE CAN HAS PORK!!!


My special Beef Guinness Pie.


It’s a crispy crust pastry with beef cubes cooked till tender in Guinness! Whoa sounds very… sinful! 😀

Served with creamy mash and veggies!

Was a happy night!

Anyway, head down there for your perfect pint of Guinness. Who knows what gift you can get from that Guinness Bauble! 😛

The location is:

31 & 31-1 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, Taman Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan

Contact 03 6201 4484
Business Hour 11am – late