I dunno. either i’m simply awesomesauce, or she’s pure cheesnius.

Just took 5 minutes to teach her each command. She’s brilliant.

She’s almost housebroken. Pee/poo on the pee tray. Unless i forgot to take the tray out (then she will pee on the floor).

Bear in mind i only brought her home TWO DAYS AGO!!!

Made Cheddie a total stupid bitch lol. BUT MOMMY STILL LOVES YOU! VERY MUCH!




Twitter SMS

I just tried posting my first tweet via SMS!

After you ractivated your Twitter SMS bys ending T to 29800, you can start tweeting straight! Just type whatever you like and send to the same number!

And then it will appear right away, like, half a second later! From the Twitter page it also tells you that you are tweeting from Channel X SMS.

After subscribing, (which RM1 will be deducted from your balance), you can tweet as many times as you want, completely free of charge!


Go find out more HERE.